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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday August 2nd , 2018

Looks like I am going to take a bath on my Tesla Puts. They are still a ways out but the stock is up enough that the shorts have to cover which drives the stock up further.  It proves once again that hope and love can overcome financials.  It’s all part of investing.  There are times when numbers and analytics don’t matter.  If people perceive and want it can have pretty strong results.  People love Tesla and there is reason why.  Its a fantastic car.  Its revolutionary and is changing the world.  It still don’t like the stock value.   I just wish I would have kept my thoughts in my bank account and not played on them.  But I’ve gotten here putting my money behind my thoughts and that’s how I’ll go out.

Part of my success and faults have always because I have no problem with risk.  I can take a big hit and don’t lose a bit of sleep.  If anything, I put my nose down and start working harder to make it back and then some.  I also know that the smart thing is to always bank some of the profit.  Every dime I have lost in a big investment is a piece of another big winner and I am merely trying to roll it into a new winner.  Pushing it.  That all being said I hate to lose money.  It doesn’t bother me but that doesn’t mean I just let it roll.  If I looked at it in reality I could say I just lost a week’s vacation to Europe or some other great thing I could buy with it.  But I don’t do that because you can buy cars, sometimes very nice cars, with some of the domains we buy and sell.  Its just zeros.  Big rewards are earned two ways. Time and patience, and risk.  Sometimes both.   But with risk comes loss.  Today was a loss.  Now its time to find some winners.  Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price

Quote of the Day:  “Treat the Earth Well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.” -Kenyan Proverb

Domain of the Day:  Sounds like an app or a game.  I think it finishes over $4K.  Let’s see

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   185 bidders.  Met a high reserve.  These CVCV are flying   A lot of uses here.  From picture cropping to farm crops    Infosys has done well with the sys name.  Sys for systems.  No bidders   Emerging technologies.  Or a brand.  9 bidders   Can only be one.  And it could be you with the purchase  As I said yesterday. People love names with the word smart in them.   Solid brand here.  5 bidders    3 bidders.   Analytical and data name   Met reserve under $100  I think it hits reserve  Surprised there are only 8 bidders on this one

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  This is going to do well.  Popular word and really the only way to misspell it and make it look cool.  I think this could hit four figures  The latest dispute to be up for auction  Yup.  Over four figures and climbing     It comes out across the world during the World Cup and the Olympics  Strong casino name.  The double 7 should lead it to four figures based on my mathematical calculations. Which is really just a hunch    Doing much better than a normal that doesn’t have VR   Byte and Cyber continue as brands after all these years  Seed money, cannabis seed   Obvious use here.  As memorable as any of the self renting companies  Much rather have but this is a nice one. I use bio heat.  I heat a few of our greenhouses with wood chips   A quarter of a million backlinks and history has this one bid up pretty high   Vegan names always deliver  Sounds like a brand trying to sound healthy and fresh but we know they probably aren’t  Same thing here but this one I believe is fresh.  My hunch again   5L with 2 bids   I like it as a brand but I realize there are very limited amount of people that want to buy it  Second highest valuation despite the hypen  A little generic for me but bidders like it so up here it goes


Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids Everything Good name for lawn service or product  Sounds like an alt band  Might be a little too cute.  No bids  Good marketing name for a seafood company.  No bids at $12 GD values it at $2500 but no bids  Has one bid  Surprised there are no bids on this crypto mining name

Godaddy Names With Bids

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Domain Spotlight: