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 I didn’t really discuss it until I found out what was going on but two weeks ago I had my second heart episode where I got terrible heart pains and collapsed.  Followed by weeks of chest pain and headaches.   People were calling it panic attacks. My best friends are doctors and they felt it wasn’t anything serious but needed to find out what was going on. So they made me run anything over 10 miles with a doctor and everything else with a phone.   I have been working and running a lot and had an obvious emotional week dropping my kid off at school.  But I didn’t feel any anxiety.  Of course I did AFTER it happened because now I was worried.  But I wear a heart monitor all day every day and during the episodes my heart never rose.   Actually it was the opposite, it dropped a little.  Without boring you with the details it came down to a fairly simple but hard to fix thing.

I have lost a lot of weight getting fit and eating well.  And I’m getting old.  The original diagnosis two month ago was my ribs were stabbing my heart area after losing so much weight.  I worked on stretching and it really helped.  But I have lost a little more weight and while still stretching, my chest is cutting off some blood vessels to my head and lungs when I am in certain positions.  My resting heart rate is also 47 which is making it difficult for my body to catch up when my body wants to get moving from stationary position.  Or when I get startled.  I  am like a fainting goat.   When I move back to Fat Shane in the winter none of this is a problem.  My fat lines my chest and shields my blood vessels and my resting heart rate goes back to 60.  But in the mean time I have to add in some stretches and start lifting weights to build up my shoulders, chest, and arms to pull my ribs off my junk because I am literally pinching off blood to my lungs and head at times. Its not dangerous as it is quick and temporary, just throws me off and would send my body into a panic.  Now that I know what it is I don’t get as flustered and just wait for it to pass.

So you were all right.  Its much better to be fat and sit and do nothing.  Much healthier to talk about getting in shape some day, or make up an injury that won’t let you run fast anymore.  Who knew?   Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price

PS: Roll Tide.  So ready for football and fall

Quote of the Day:  If you don’t know where your last dollar went, your next dollar will suffer the same fate

 Domain of the Day:  1995 birthday.  How the cool people spell Escape

 Namejet and Sedo Names  Fantastic name for a debt collection company or payroll   Credit Score company or loan company all the way. 8 bidders  Used to be a political party but could be a brand for anything straight forward     Good enough word to overcome the .net.  3 bids   Sportsbetting in the US is right around the corner.  I think casino names heat up even more. Just one bid  Met reserve.  Going to sell and change hands   I think buzzman should be able to help you with your social media or pr  Landscaping names do sell.  This one is about to hit reserve    Sounds like a ready to go concrete but could be used to for anything that is ready……quickly    A little nervous about people spelling it right but might get a pretty good brand for cheap price

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    1997 birthday.    Gets some traffic which comes free with purchase  17 years old.   It has tech in a short name. Usually that is enough    fishtank stone?   20 years old   Godaddy thinks even the .net is worth $6,000  Bidders like this much more than I do. But I’ll put it here for you to decide   The world needs more and higher paid teachers. They are the framework for the future   Going to sell suits on this one?  Sounds like a Chinese luxury brand   Zip line, kayak , SUP   who doesn’t want to know more about the brain?  With this price can you imagine how much CryptoToken would be worth?  Great marketing name for a lawyer that offers these services  The irony is I almost bought this site/name many years ago  Organic and leaf go together very well


Godaddy Domains With No Bids After calling several 6Ls lately I have now decided to actually count the letters.  There are 5 here. No bids  No bids at $12.  Sounds like a game app crowd funding  The future is bright……….and unique Godaddy needs an algorithm change.  Forgets mobi is worthless.  Has it at $3000 plus No bids at $12 .  What did the mulch say to the shovel?  I think it would be a bit illegal but how about a pharmaceutcial medicine swap meet 1999.  Get faster

OTHER Godaddy Domains With Bids

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  1. “I am like a fainting goat” I don’t know why but this cracked me up. Minding your own business, the phone rings, and now you’re passing out

  2. Wow Shane, what an interesting diagnosis. I know a lot of athletes, and have never heard of this before. I promise it will find a place in my BBQ conversations on Monday. I’m glad you are in great health and just too skinny. Football season will fix that 🙂 I’m an LSU fan but Nick Saban is probably the best coach in America. Nov 3rd game should will hopefully be a great one. Have an awesome weekend.

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