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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday January 11th, 2019


The domain is up for auction and closing today.  The owner has a reserve on it of $11,000 which I hope he didn’t pick because Godaddy has it valued at $12K.  He does mention this in his write up.  He says right now its getting 3,000 visits per day which I imagine that will continue a bit longer but will drop from here.  Maybe.  I think the movie has become an instant classic and will be remembered for generations so this one could have some lasting power.  But most likely no bigger than it was over the last few weeks.  I would probably be a seller here as well unless I had something that monetized the traffic coming each day.  It closes today and the reserve is sitting on the table but there is a HUGE problem. It will need two bidders to hit reserve the way Godaddy runs their auctions.  A bid only moves up if someone else bids and forces the price up.  Otherwise it only goes to the highest bidder.   So if someone really wants it there has to be two people that want it.  I’m sure Godaddy could make it happen but it does make it more difficult to buy a domain if you’re willing to pay the reserve.  Of course you have to know the reserve which in this case we do.  Can’t wait to see. Get it?  See.  Here are today’s names.  Click through to see the current price and to fund this daily list

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Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction  Met reserve.   Restaurant, garage.  There are a ton of places that share this name   Everyone should have a few in their account in my opinion  This one is actually doing much better  Pretty high reserve but heck of a    No bidders.  Even a dot net would make a great marketing name for a Realtor   My wife and daughter watch hours of online cooking shows  I think this will be the term when the electric vehicles take over  and   Expiring at Sedo.  Only one bidder each

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids   Highest value name on today’s list according to Godaddy.  They have it at $8K  Pretty generic but readers know exactly what the site’s content will be  Sounds like a bumper sticker and one that Josh would have on his truck   The trillion dollar health and supplement market is built on hope.  People hope that the product will make them better without the hard work.   This one exudes strong and health   I like this one for the category more than the name above  My guess is the same person let all these expire.  Maybe let is the wrong word. Forgot to renew  All the bids for history and backlinks  One more here.  Price is way above domain value  Godaddy has chain and coin names valued too high because the algo is messed up with all the sales last year. But this still is a very nice name  Any  political name is probably at peak price  Its how they make Marijuana extracts which we go into depth on in the next Domain Sherpa  The Keto diet has come from nowhere to being one of the biggest diets in the last 3 years  Diode in Spanish if that means anything  British people will recognize the name  Sound real fashiony and qwirky  I love the name but feel like I would need to own TheFifty as well to secure the brand  Getting some love, even with the K   and  aka Financial advisors.  Might as well get both  Sounds like a whisky so it must be a good brand  Sounds like a cheap shoe store.. Sorry.  It does to me


Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  the kind of 5L that I collect.  I say collect because I haven’t sold too many ……YET    I’m going to have to admit. I checked my portfolio to make sure I didn’t let these expire.    All Keto names are worth looking at   There are lots of things that local government require inspections on. Especially homes for sale    Speaking of Extract.   This W is going to save you a few dozen thousand    a marketing name for some kind of plant     I was thinking crave E.   Not sure how others will see its pronunciation  A lot of great beers brewed here in the US Not a lot of value but its what I call the back of a “Can I see your manager” haircut  I’ve seen much worse Lab names go for more than $12  Pretty good fashion name.  no bids  “Let me ask you this.  Are you in Uendo?”   free slogan  A car waiting for you at the curb  No bids.  Not big value but short, easy to spell words

 The Rest of the Names With Bids

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  1. Box domains are great to own. It’s not like they’re going to send a live bird in a box each month to your house. Great time to sell and make a fan club site or sell blindfolds??

    The ability for the seller to lower the reserve with any auction house at any time would be good to have with all auction houses. It would keep people in check.

  2. was about $7500 BIN before the movie came out. You really can’t bank 5 figures off 3K hits, there is better use for money out there, but plenty of people have old money, now translated into stupid new generation money to spend. Congrats to the owner, it is what we all hope for, one of our offkey terms goes viral.

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