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In the last Domain Sherpa that I appeared on you can see a large photo in the background on my wall. It’s one of those photo on canvas prints of my daughter and I in Arches National Park.  For  some reason I love these huge photos. Maybe it’s because every time I see it I think, wow that’s a huge pic, it takes up the whole wall. It could just be that it’s a good reminder of time spent together in a fun place. I even thought about getting huge photos of random things that just look amazing and might be inspiring.

You can buy them pretty cheap. I ordered 3 more the other day and they came today via UPS. I bought one as a gift, the others to hang on the wall. I’ve used Groupon every time, and it makes me curious if anyone ever pays the actual list price on these things. I paid $61 for the groupon, and according to the I bought prints that were close to $500 retail. The print I’m showing here also came framed. You can buy unlimited groupons for these even though it says there’s a limit. Either use a different company, wait a week, or choose a different product from the same company. I figured out that it doesn’t matter what print size or package you buy, at The groupon code you enter has a value assigned to it, so you can buy or upgrade anything that’s with in that value, for example I bought the package for a large panoramic print the other day, but ordered 2 smaller prints that fit into the same price range. I’m sure these are available at any half off site, not just groupon. 

So it makes me wonder if anyone ever pays the full price, or is the whole thing just a physiological gimmick? I think I’m saving $400 every time and feel great about it, maybe every once in a while a sucker comes along and pays full price. The problem with this strategy, in my mind anyway, is that  now I will never pay full price or even half price because I’m so used to the low price.  I might think these are the best things in the world, but I’m pretty sure I’d always be waiting for the $60 deals, and say things like ” No way I’m paying $100 for that giant print, I got it for $60 last year”

You can pull images straight off of FB, but the problem is they’ve been reduced to a fraction of their original size and will pixelate or blur if using them for the big prints. I took this photo off of facebook, and used picmonkey to touch it up and then changed it to black and white so that the distortions looked like newsprint or an old photo.

Then there’s this on Godaddy:

All with one bid, and a lengthy bull shit description as to why they have value.

Come on Godaddy, take this crap down before anyone sees it!  If there’s a bid or offer on a name, over, let’s say $3k, look into it a little bit. It makes everybody look bad. 5,711 USD 4,815 USD 3,813 USD 3,702 USD 3,666 USD


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Main List

The No Bid List  A name that makes getting things done an art form  Sounds like they make awesome wine  affordable whatever’s in there  A title company  sounds like a weird blog  The one stop shop for your hobby supplies for all types of hobby  The  Go into something great or, slang going great  Clear your head  A fun getaway  An app that let’s you track micro loans A disposable key, use for temporary visitors Math help  know when something sells Training for dealing with the street, could be self defense  A site that uncovers scams.  A device to keep tabs on Alzheimer patients or small children,

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More Names With No Bids



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Godaddy Value BIN

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Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Given the examples above you shown there are scammer live in godady who are playing with auction pricing. So everyone who uses the platform is at risk of being overbid by non legit bids. These people are very active in auctions.

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