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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday July 13th, 2020

It hadn’t rained in 2 weeks in my town after an entire spring of non stop rain. It left my newly planted evergreens and trees at the nursery desperately in need of a good watering. We have irrigation but over 50 acres it’s just not enough. So when the rain was approaching I was dancing for joy. Until it hit. It came in with this giant boom and unleashed several inches of rain within minutes and dense hail. Hail is the most damaging thing you can get for crops. I was on the verge of losing a million dollars in sales instantly. But fortunately the hail stayed marble size at the nursery and merely broke trees. That big gust knocked every plant over so it actually protected them. All in all it was merely a mess and minimal damage.

But my home was not so luck. Just a few miles away the hail was a little larger. Here is a video of what it looked like

My wife doesn’t get frantic very easy but she was frantic when she called she said the house was getting damaged pretty badly by golf ball sized hail and she was worried the windows were about to break because they had busted through all the screens tearing them to shreds. My roof and the entire front of my house looked like they set up a driving range in my front yard and drove the balls at my house. My plants are shredded like they were in a hurricane. While it all sounds terrible my wife has been wanted to get a new door and new siding for a while and my roof is 15 years old. It might work out Ok depending on answer from insurance company.

All in all I will take my home getting destroyed any day over the nursery. My deductible is low and its merely ornamental. Losing my inventory would cause longer term damage. And I’m only selling domains at house type money, not nursery type money.

Domain of the Day: My favorite name on the board today. Great name for a canna shop

Quote of the Day: Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Keep the memories, schedule the reunions Golfballs are expensive so the resale market stays strong Past with a four sold for under $200 but things have changed since then can be all over the board. Hope you buy it on the low side of the board and sell it at the high Seems like the type of name a gamer would like

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Just started and already met reserve under $100 Do you like do ? 16 years old and no bids Female name so eventually it will be a brand. Lilan Bowden dominates the results . Taken in 30 extensions which adds to the value Just a 5L with no bids at $69 Not sure if the dot org has any value but I know it has 6 bidders 20 years old. Just a few bidders On a sign its going to be L’Italia Wow, 25 bidders. Looks like some plant lovers in the house

Godaddy Domains With Bids Was a decent show where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck would have people compete to make a movie and the winner would get funded and make the movie. Now you can have the domain BrandSpecialist is the real king here but this one is a close 2nd How some parts of the word spell Freddy Not just a unicorn CCC AND it has a backlink profile A Japanese fish and evidently a great brand based on all the bids No way Wham-O doesn’t come after this eventually Top number of bids on the Godaddy board today Great time for music four figure bids coming for the future financial site Nice little A bit generic but people do pay more for cars certified by trusted sources Not a ton of value but farmers have a lot of money. And canna growers are officially farmers Not a very healthy club but has 5 million backlinks I was thinking dogs but I guess most pets have paws Not sure this term will last. Like Master bedroom shhhhh don’t tell anyone. Sugar comes from a grass like cane The New York part will take it to four figures A lot of different things need converting Another 4L doing well. Seeing an uptick in prices this month in LLLL Martian strip club The future of meetings. Get a dot org discount The prequel to War Horse

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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