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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday November 16th, 2020

So I bought and have been wearing my Oura ring for the last few days. I absolutely love it. Yet another tool for me to fine tune my mind and my body. Tons of stats that let me know my health. Its super accurate when predicting sickness and over training. I suspected and and proved I am overtrained. I had this overall feeling that I just wasn’t fully refreshed when I was waking up and I was tired earlier in the day. A big flag was I had less ability to deal with things I didn’t like. I’ve been practicing letting things go but I was getting snippy. It didn’t help that I’ve run 7 half marathons under 1 hr and 32 minutes in the last 4 weeks and only rested 1 week before ramping up the training again. I’ve been running faster than I’ve ever run before and I didn’t want to lose it. But I have to slow it down for a few weeks and add an hour or more of sleep per day to recharge.

Some stats

It takes me less than 3 minutes to fall asleep at night. I have always been a fantastic sleeper but my average was 6 minutes coming in and its dropped in half

My HRV right now is 20. Crazy low and considered a huge health risk to someone that isn’t healthy. A big big red flag to slow things up or I am going to cause damage or death. Although since I’ve been measuring my HRV its never averaged about 45 so I am going to work on that

I have always slept well and hard. I get at least 1.5 hrs of deep sleep and 1.5 hrs of REM sleep. In a good alternating pattern and finishing with REM. Despite my HRV my sleep score is always 80 plus out of 100

I averaged 18,000 or more steps a day all year. A bit much

I have run 2100 miles this year with 7 weeks left

I average 7 hours 10 minutes of sleep per night. Less than 5 of those nights being “restless” sleep meaning I moved more than 10 times.

I know most of you don’t give a shit about my health but I always find it interesting to hear others stats. I have a bad one and I find it challenging to try and fix. Probably is I really don’t know what the baseline is since I’ve been overtrained the entire time I’ve been testing HRV. I always asumed my old measurements were off but the ring is the same and decreasing. So I called my doctor/running partner, friend, who is the team doctor for U of Illinois sports and he said to slow it down. He was waiting for me to blow up so he was glad I called about it. If anyone wants to know the results I’ll post them here. And if you don’t I’ll post them here.

Quote of the Day: “The truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off.” – Gloria Steinem

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Godaddy Domains With Bids Coders have bitcoin to pay up This is now a CBD oil name For those Tik Tok white teeth Are usually the losers. But not the domain owner I’m sure they’re going to be nice about reminding you to be good to the environment. In a kind and quiet way Great real estate site name. Makes you think that others like it too 5L under $200 at press time Same here Sounds like the 24 year old name it is Agriculture and a Specializing in visuals I assume They mean buy followers A type of oil pipe but could be a brand for more than the ever popular oil pipe industry Can’t think of a more timely name on the board today than this one Based on my opening paragraph I could use this one I like it and its registered in 17 extensions but I think I’d rather have the plural Cannabis LED lighting all the way

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  1. Shane,
    Thanks for sharing the data, thoughts and the ring.
    The only area I may be better than you is that my wife says i fall asleep in
    10 seconds.
    Thanks & regards to the team

    1. Falling asleep that fast is actually not a good thing. Means your body is overworked. It could be super trained when to fall asleep too so maybe you have a great routine

      1. Thanks Shane, really all my life have trained myself to remove any thoughts,
        concerns and next day priorities and time to sleep is time to sleep so even
        when I am fully rested i fall asleep very fast

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