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So I bought my NamesCon tickets last night, booked the Hotel, and bought my flight. So I’m officially in for January. It’s not a cheap endeavor. Between all the tickets its at $2K. I’m staying at the Omni and the $250 a night is super high compared to Vegas but better than the $400 a night without the NamesCon special rate. Which is crazy for a mediocre hotel. NamesCon has a sale for halloween which gets pass to around $500 so I took advantage of it. I honestly thought I would get a free ticket like most years since I usually help them promote the conference and have gotten 5 plus people there every year who wouldn’t have gone otherwise. But I couldn’t shill my way to one this year so I just bought it. I can say what everyone else is thinking. They are running the conference into the ground though paid keynotes and seminars run by domain people who exchange their time for free publicity. Every other conference in the nation that I have been to have paid speakers who bring an outside opinion and face to the conference. We get the same thing year after year after year. Maybe we get it back in social. Nope

Thursday night. Nothing. Friday night?

Friday Evening will be open: Hit the town with your friends and colleagues, or join one of our partner for some surprise side-events.


Today is all about networking and having fun! Enjoy a day out of the office that only Austin can deliver, complete with food, drinks, and good times. Leave the laptop behind, but bring a camera!

Why would you even put Saturday on the agenda if the conference isn’t having anything. Might as well put Sunday and a few more weeks after that. I am not saying that NamesCon is not going to be a great event. It is worth $500 to get ONE piece of info or make a great connection with someone. That is why I am going. I only wish that we would see some form of creativity. We aren’t. Here is what I would love to see

“Learn and Lunch”

10-15 tables of 6 people. Figure out what the cost of lunch is and make that the starting price. People would buy those tickets to eat lunch wit the “celebrity” or someone special. After they sell out people can then knock out someone by paying more than cost. Last signup gets bumped first. All money above cost of lunch goes to charity. Even little old me could fill a table of 6. If Berkens came people would pay good money to eat with him. It easily could be put together.

Hire an Artist to Play

If a fraternity of 100 people can figure out how to pool money and get a great band to play, I’m sure NamesCon can find someone in the biggest music city in the Southwest, to play for us. If we have to chip in or buy our own alcohol that’s fine. Just negotiate a good alcohol price and it will be full. As I said before, conferences have learning and entertainment and often that is a band. Usually a washed up band with half the members gone, but a band. If ours is too small to afford it I bet you can sell tickets if promoted properly

I have many more ideas but I am an attendee not an organizer. I really am looking forward to seeing everyone and hope everyone goes for that reason alone. It is going to be much more expensive than going to Vegas if you don’t gamble. If you do then it probably will be in your favor. Austin is a great city and well worth the visit. Worth every penny. Hope to see everyone there.

Quote of the Day: The greatest compliment to any player is he’s a great teammate. We can’t all be great players, but we can all be great teammates. – Jay Bilas

Domain of the Day: another one that may get renewed but if it doesn’t could hit the record books

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Some decent backlinks and 900+ visits according to Expired Domains. Was an online movie player so traffic is mostly torrent 19 years old. A lot of money can be made in trends A last and first name with one bid Closes today but has a way to go to meet reserve and Two top auction are product build outs. And two things that almost everyone in the US has several of Big run on X Keyword and keywordX domains lately Met reserve at $500 Upgrade name for several companies Killer name 21 years old. History and backlinks come with the package Reserve is under $500

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids

Click the links to fund the site and our work most bids on the Godaddy board today. People love or hate cruises. Not much in between I take that back. Those rose to the top as I typed this out Software land or soft landing What I offer. ….minus the premium Godaddy loves it, bidders like it, and I’m meh Trading site but with everyone going to zero commissions I’m not sure how lucrative that market is anymore Winshare is a stat about how a player adds to a win by the team but I see it as a gambling name too If sold for $30 million this has to worth what? 100K right?…..not quite A bit odd off the tongue but I like the no limits lifestyle A last name so eventually will be a brand Both words international although Haus is officially German The original crime podcasts Yeah I should buy this for the juice Somebody has to watch Grandpa I’ll save you some time. Its terrible 21 years old. Everything is Upgrade for a few places Call to action name for the hundreds of places called peak. Worth the price as a marketing name alone Pronounceable 5L under $50 is worth getting IMO A Muslim name and a city in China

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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