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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday September 14th, 2020

Yesterday I was talking to the domain investor Neil Armstrong and we got to chatting and college came up. I had dated a girl that was raised in Australia and she really was my first real love. It was the first time that I really cared about someone. I was a typical 19 year old and didn’t always do and say the things that I should have. After my Mom it was the first woman that made me who I am today. I was an ass at the end and there honestly wasn’t a month that goes by that I didn’t think of the time down the road that I could thank her for being an important part of my journey. There are things I do today because of our time together. It worked out perfectly because I met my wife. And my wife loved me because that former person had carved a little on me to make me respectable and took me from a fool, to a project.

Over the years, we had chatted on Facebook and via email and thanked and said my sorrys but I never felt it would be complete until I could say it face to face. It was always going to be difficult because she was married with children and I’m pretty sure my impact on her life was not as much as hers was on mine. After the chat with Neil I went back to Facebook to see how she’s been.

She passed. I still am not sure how, only that it was sudden and unexpected. I’m sure I’ll find out but how and why but that doesn’t take away the gap that’s now there. My heart hurts for her children, her husband, her friends and family. I join the list of people that aren’t going to get to share special moments in the future. They were going to have thousands of hours of joy, I was looking for an hour. An hour I’ve been looking forward to for 30 years.

I look back in my 50 years for regrets and I can honestly say that was it. I have none because my wonderful life is what it is because of all and the bad moments that built the steps to where I am now. I don’t feel there are any other moments that I wish could be redone. I am satisfied. But this one. It’s just different. You know its different when after 30 years you still cry and your heart hurts the same as when it was over. That’s the sign of caring, love, and gratefulness. When its strong it never goes away. I don’t know where it will go now. Probably in a book, definitely in my thoughts, and forever a part of who I am.

Quote of the Day: “Be silent as to services you have rendered, but speak of favors you have received.” —Seneca

Domain of the Day: ServiceMaster type name. And plenty of cleaning out there. From disaster clean up to plain old Covid Names at Auction or Available for Pickup I know the keyword was the first dot com but not sure of the price for the dot io. But the dot com isn’t going anywhere so I drove to $800 plus and I’ll do the same here The singular would really be worth some cash Long Energy A call to action name. I can see this on the side of a van

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Sounds like a pharmacy. Met reserve under $200 Big enough category to give the dot net some value 20 years old and no reserve. Love works well in all extensions Taken in 86 other extensions. That’s good enough Seems to be a resort in Kenya and a few other things. Taken in 37 extensions I think I already use this furniture spray Taken in 27 extensions. Most companies are in Europe

Godaddy Domains With Bids How good is this domain? Wide open. Six figure name, some day You know what domain investors like more than awesome two word domains. Good CVCV. Already a five figure name A perfect time with a name like this. The world has moved outdoor. The non fire areas The hot market was the bumped and imperfect fruit. Screw that, I was the perfect stuff Safety is a billion dollar industry. Get it Ironically it makes a great remote name and Not necessarily where I would go to find a lawyer but I’m not everyone Sounds like more of a convention than a company one of the few longer, not ever used words I like. Sounds like an app. Taken in 21 extensions Pretty sure there’s still good money to be made selling WP themes Not sure what it would be but two easy to spell and remember words I’ve said it 100 times. Two first names make a good brand Same thought here but last name Non profit will give you $18 for this if your company is Lion you have to get creative. Go and Get are some of the ways people do AR VR Taken in 20 extensions Trademarked for drugs so have to go a different direction A pool like table game. Its the reason behind the registration in other extensions

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  1. Wow, Shane, she must have been one hell of a good woman for you to speak so warmly of her these many years later. Any of us can only hope that someone says such nice things about us when we pass. Your story hit me right in the gut, I went through something similar. I am sorry.

  2. Really sorry to hear this, Shane. Hopefully you can connect with her family and receive a bit more closure, though I know it’s not comparable to speaking with her one last time.

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