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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday December 1st, 2019

I think it’s ridiculous how many unused/dead Twitter and Instagram accounts there are sitting useless. Twitter talked about putting some back into circulation but are holding back until they have a way to make sure history isn’t erased for families or people that want to keep it. I get the inactive accounts but what about the accounts with less than 5 posts and no posts in the last 5. That’s a never used account and that needs to go back in the pool. What kind of history would you be erasing? There are tens of thousands of fantastic handles that are just sitting there with zero to less than 10 posts.. So old that even the original owners don’t remember them anymore.

I spend countless hours trying to track down the owners of these names. I need them to match my domains. Every once in a while I’ll find the owner and 95% of them forgot they even had the account. There has to be something set up for accounts never used to be available. Even auction them. What possibly could it hurt to have handles transfer? I really don’t see why they can’t officially be sold. They are by the hundreds a day. And many for a lot of money. Some even five figures. The best way to regulate it is to allow it.

Quote of the Day: When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice.” — Marquis de la Grange

Domain of the Day: The oh so rare at auction

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Two strong LLLL.coms to start off the list. I see Uniregistry liking these two names as well. Another one here Met reserve. My kind of name. Great name for a running product Sounds like a nice brand but also means “mackerel” in Spanish No Reserve name and could hit $20K …didn’t say it would. Said it COULD No reserve name would make a good hotel room booking site Because its a thing. Never seen one but that’s not important This is my favorite name in the whole Sedo iGaming auction. I think the reserve is fair and a fantastic gambling brand Nice “get rick quick” marketing name. No bids. 18 years old Reminds me of this

So a man walks into a bar, and sits down. He starts a conversation with an old guy next to him. The old guy has obviously had a few. He says to the man:

“You see that dock out there? Built it myself, hand crafted each piece, and it’s the best dock in town! But do they call me “McGregor the dock builder”? No! And you see that bridge over there? I built that, took me two months, through rain, sleet and scoarching weather, but do they call me “McGregor the bridge builder”? No! And you see that pier over there, I built that, best pier in the county! But do they call me “McGregor the pier builder”? No!”

The old guy looks around, and makes sure that nobody is listening, and leans to the man, and he says:

“but you blow one goat…”

Godaddy Domains With Bids

Click the links to fund the site and our wor Top number of bids on the Godaddy board today. My names continue to do well I actually thought this one would go much higher than it is. It’s just such a hot category. To me it sounds more like a marketing name than a brand Other than the NNNN this is the highest priced name today. I liked it but had no idea it would get to this price I feel like this is what I type in when I mean to go to IMDB My favorite dot net in a long while Credit building name all the way I know I can use a little eye renewal The best of the 3 little piggy builders I can see this being the name of a business and not just an answer page Great letters. A for association 22 years old X in front or at the X has served investors well over the years Dozens of places called this but only one can have the name It’s a dot net but most people LOVE the thought of paying you later

Godaddy Names With One of No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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5 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday December 1st, 2019”

  1. Twitter could make millions by auctioning off unused/inactive handles. I have never understood this policy. It is another revenue stream staring them in the face.

    1. The ironic part of Twitter is Biz really isn’t interested in making money. He is more concerned with what he perceives as doing good things. Of course he made his hundreds of millions while his stock owners suffer so its easy for him. The no political money is a perfect example. Hundreds of millions of potential dollars that every media firm in the country relies on for profits. He just doesn’t want to spend the time or money to vet the ads

  2. Dont compare everything with domains. Social media is free and should always remain free. Imagine FB, IG start charging for membership.

    1. Huh? I compare nothing to domains. When someone eats a hotdog and I not the guy that says “I own” You got me 100% wrong. I am a business man. Twitter is not a charity. Twitter sold me stock. Stock that is based on PROFITS. If they were set up to be a free charity then no stock should have been issued. Who pays for your free social media? There is no such thing as free. Somebody pays for it. You are the kind of person that wants bugs fixed, more servers added for response time, and service but don’t want to pay for it. It can be free for some people but at some point someone is going to have to pay for it to keep running.

      As for FB and Insta. They are absolutely LOADED with ads. Every 5 posts for Insta and Facebook is constant. And FB makes billions of dollars from it and the stock has treated its investors well. The difference is they are stealing all your data and you have no privacy. I think there can be a happy middle

      1. Haha, Shane, my comment was reply for Dave’s comment thats asking to auction Twitter accounts.

        I believe, Twitter and other social platforms have disrupted the way we live today. Its not only because they are innovative but mostly because they are free and they have equally been helpful for us. Now imagine they suddenly start charging us $$$ for membership and other things. I think that will not only be counter productive for them but also a black day for us, the end users.

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