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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday December 22nd, 2019

Not that anyone really wants to know any more about me than they already do I still thought I would share a few things about me you may not know

  1. I drink Ginger beer or Orangina every day. Love the taste and the bite both of them have . The ginger clears the sinuses and the throat.
  2. I’m the oldest child and the oldest grandchild of 23
  3. My computer that I type on ever day is a 2012 Mac Book pro . I have a blue tooth keyboard because I’m on my third keyboard. Rather than replace it I just put a bluetooth one on top and it works great
  4. I have a shoe fetish. I have hundreds of pairs of shoes. Only two or three pairs are dress shoes
  5. 3 of my four grandparents are still alive. All in their 90s
  6. I drive a Black Ford Explorer sport
  7. I have this weird thing about $5 bills. Some people have coin jars, I keep my fives. I have been saving them for decades. I find them the most practical bill.
  8. I started running at 37. In 13 years I’ve run 32ish marathons and 2 Ironman. Only injury was torn hamstring playing soccer at NamesCon
  9. I used to be addicted to backgammon. I played hours a day for years.
  10. My car in college (at Alabama) had a houndstooth top like Bear Bryant’s hat and people would line up to take pictures with it at every football game.

There you go. Shit you really didn’t care to know but you know anyway. Have a nice Sunday

Quote of the Day: You don’t want to go play against the kids you’re good at beating, because you won’t get any better.” -Forest Green

Domain of the Day: I think this is an excellent farm to table domain

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Met reserve under $400 Another that’s met reserve. Under $200 would be a good buy IMO No bidders on this expiry name. the new VRBO Energy for the long run Makes you feel like they’re going to be first on the story Remember when I said this was at $200. Its not any more. This is why they should definitely put renewal rates on auctions. Great name but renewal rates on .car are only affordable if you are putting up a site

Godaddy Domains With Bids Don’t think I’ve seen 9 in a row before. And according to the bids nobody else has either The top number of bids on the Godaddy board today. AI is the obvious driver here The kind of 5L I like. Have had good success with these type And yet its still coal A bit more opportunity for different types of businesses than FootLocker Check the price of Bit.Global and you’ll know you have a valuable dot com Great letters. Easily four figures at wholesale IMO Not quite as good but still premium This is doing the best of the three because people see Rider I see crunchy which means Vegan to me Get ’em out, or keep them from happening A dog park with no personality Found another nice one. and More and more drugs are being delivered by patches and less and less through drug dealers The sport or the snake food Sounds like fireworks or sexual Exudes safe wallet Comparables put this retail in the $3K range

Godaddy Names With One of No Bid

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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10 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday December 22nd, 2019”

    1. People always assume that. I played soccer from 5 until 22 every single day but from 22 to 37 I pretty much only played in basketball leagues to get
      exercise. At 37 I started to realize I was going to get hurt because everyone in the old mans league was falling or grabbing you to stay up because their mind knew what to do but their body couldn’t. I still felt pretty good but was overweight. So I started jogging to shed some pounds. And when I do something I go all in. First race, marathon. First Triathlon Ironman. The rest is history

      1. Great decision back then! I sure could use shedding a few pounds. I guess sitting in front of the computer looking at domains all day doesn’t help 😉

      2. Start with a mile and move up slowly. I try and find a running partner as much as I can. Good conversation and exercise at the same time. When I go alone I listen to podcast. When I’m hitting it hard I go music free and no time for chit chat. Mix up what you do it day to keep it fresh. Eat less. There you go. Saved you $15 🙂

      1. Never too late to start running. Its actually better. Don’t have the miles on your legs. You’re going to hurt in the beginning. Especially if you’re fat. It will get easier as you get to a healthy weight and don’t crush your knees and back carrying a 50lb bag of dog food worth of fat.

  1. Some people say the best thing for a normal person to do is walking. Anything other than that is harmful for body and heart if you are not doing professionally. What do you think Shane?

    1. I think you should always check with your doctor before you get into extra heavy exercise. You always start with walking but that is 100% wrong
      when it comes to your heart and body. Your body is a machine that adapts and the only way to build anything is putting a little stress on it so it rebuilds stronger. Its how muscles are built. You don’t want to put too much stress on it as it can really hurt you so its very important to take your time. It took me ten years to get where I am. Small baby steps along the way. Nobody wants to hear its going to take ten years to do something but that’s how things work. So in short, you walk, you walk a little faster, you walk a little longer, you walk a little longer and faster, you jog, you jog a little faster, you jog a little longer, you jog a little longer and faster, you run, you run a little longer, you run a little longer and faster, you add run adding long runs once a week, you run with a long run and one speed workout. Easy peasy

  2. ‘you walk, you walk a little faster, you walk a little longer, you walk a little longer and faster, you jog, you jog a little faster, you jog a little longer, you jog a little longer and faster, you run, you run a little longer, you run a little longer and faster,’

    I think that’s a song I heard once 🙂

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