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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday June 7th, 2020

With the recent events around the country and the world, it reminded me of an email I received a year ago from someone asking why I was helping a black country. As many of you know I have been doing mission work in Kenya for the past three years. One of the years I asked for donations from the Domain Investing community. I was humbled by the amount of donations and support that came in. From people I knew well, from people I didn’t. I was worried that many would not give because we run a Christian organization and they may have been another faith or atheist . That they might think that I would be “Bible banging” and not want to donate to a religious organization that was different from their ideology. Turns out most people realized that good is good. That helping others is non denominational. Some of the best philanthropy in the world were started by faith organizations. But I never thought that someone wouldn’t give because we were helping black people.

Recently on Twitter someone said our industry is full of white supremacist. I don’t agree. Undoubtedly there are racist within, but I can attest there are twice as many amazing people as there are bad. But isn’t that representative of all society? And do you really know anyone that is an Internet friend? You have no idea who they are at home when they aren’t talking to you. Saying that any group is good or bad in its entirety is wrong and would be a guess either way. But I think I feel comfortable saying the Ammar Kubba and the Morgan Lintons of domain investing have a good heart and there are many more in our industry.

I made a joke the other day about the only stores that won’t be looted are the bookstores. Someone said that was a racist joke. It wasn’t meant to be racist but I did label the people looting as stupid.. Because they are looting not to protest, but too steal. They are stealing things that can be resold or consumed. They are also stealing the spotlight from the protest. Add to it that a large percentage of the looters were white and not poor. They were taking advantage of a situation and I can guarantee they aren’t going to loot a bookstore hoping to resell a Harry Potter Series. I knew I shouldn’t say anything but I did and that’s why I’ve remained pretty much silent since. A white 50 year old man has no clout when speaking of anything African American.

I grew up in Alabama. I went to the University of Alabama. When you grow up in Alabama you generally go one of two ways. You either are racist or look the other way (which is just as bad) or you realize how wrong racism is because you see it quite a bit. I am in the latter but I wouldn’t say I always was. I didn’t even realize some of the things I was doing were racist when I was young, even in college. I just didn’t know. I watched an an all African American fraternity brand their pledges and thought that if they could do that, then my actions were not even close so I must not be racist. I used others actions and thoughts to justify mine. Unfortunately that’s not how it works. An action or thought is judged on its own merits, not on whether its better or worse than what else is being done. But that is the beauty of the human mind. It can grow. It can learn. You can eventually realize that your past thoughts and actions were naive and stupid. Everyone can be better. But until a black life or a Mexican life or any life is treated and worth the same as you, then we all need to get better. Their parents need to tell them that they are great too. That they can become whatever they want. So often obstacles are placed by society and the parent place more on top. But I can’t parent anyone. I can only try to not be an obstacle of opportunity or a step if I can be.

I see a lot of things in people. I admit I make judgements before I meet them. But its not by their skin. It’s their body movements, their answers, their reactions. Even then, I shouldn’t make judgements. But their teeth often tell me their financial status. Their shoulders about their confidence. How they answer questions their education. Their skin tells me nothing. I have never been great at making feel special but I’ve been pretty good at making people feel “normal”. If I see someone by themselves I talk to them. I make sure everyone feels part of the group. I try to acknowledge people that pass or are in the room. That I do. The more different than me the person, the more likely we all will learn something or that he/she has a good story to tell.

In the last week I see my neighbor put up a black lawn jockey and my sales rep say “your said your crews have been with you for 25 years so at least I know their not Mexican”. My crews are from Mexico. And yes the same 4 men have worked for the nursery for 25 years. So do some of their kids. Both them and their kids see racist actions every day and I’ve witnessed it. Words that you wouldn’t believe a person with any intelligence would say. In short, the world has a long way to go. We all have a long way to go. You’re not going to make up for your misgivings in one week by promoting everything black. But its a good start.

Domain of the Day: I shit you not. For 25 years, every time my wife gets in my car and its messy she says “I see that Hobo Jim has moved back in your car” I feel like I have to buy this one now.

Quote of the Day: “Never do something permanently foolish just because you are temporarily upset.“- Terry Crews Names at Auction or Dropping I don’t know if it will get a bid in the dot io but I like bee names of any kind They pick up the scraps too perfect looking not to have some value another one that I don’t know if it has value but love the pattern

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action He who restores. 1998 birthday and taken in 40 other extensions Great letters, aged, and ends in C. And no reserve. Checks all the boxes No reserve at $79 Sounds like someone is working super hard To some this means rare or hard to get 1996 birthday and taken in 18 extensions

Godaddy Domains With Bids Next bid hits reserve. Closes today. Good name for news and information. The Times of Israel is already a leading publication so may get some type in. Getting a few nice bids Top price and top number of bids on the board today Not going to be a brand but everyone knows what they are Needs to be a buildout but that buildout is going to sparkle Hebrew slang for “sweetheart” 1999 birthday. The name is a kids name IMO but the domain is almost old enough to vote California has this for every single vehicle Sounds like its going to be a little more advanced than the average tool. 22 years old and taken in 25 other extensions This one is taken in 26 other extensions And this one 30. Three of the highest number of other extensions on the board today For the pattern collector The Juliard of Culinary School Because nobody is looking for Ok Houses Great name for a lead gen app 5L and has the word lab in it. Good enough for me Delivery service all the way Another nice Taken in 18 other extensions

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids The biggest sports gambling sector in the world

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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  1. There will always be individuals who are racist or bigoted. That’s the nature of large numbers and the bell curve. The vast majority are good people. There are more guns than people in this country so we would have a different pandemic if that weren’t the case. 99% of cops are honest and do a good job. It’s the small minority that is making the news. The problem arises when the system does not hold them up to the same laws as everyone else. This then becomes institutional racism. And that is worth protesting and being outraged by.

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