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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday October 11th, 2020

I figured it out in college. All the music that my parents listened to every weekend turned out to be classics. My Dad spent all his money on albums. Well, he spent a little of it on booze to go with the albums. Every Friday for the entire time I grew up my Dad would bring home the newest releases and a few coctails to keep him company while he listened to the new albums.

Ironically he had the HiFi over the ear headphones that everyone wears now. He would play it so loud I could hear every song. I really didn’t listen directly but I heard them all. For the best songs he would go grab my Mom and say “You have to hear this one” . I remember hearing Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road play endlessly for weeks on end. Dr. Hook, Bob Segar, Fleetwood Mac. All in regular rotation as they released new stuff.

When I went to college all the kids thought they were cool listening to all the music from the late 60s and 70s but to me it just reminded me of my parents. I I literally listened to that my entire life. Why would I want to leave my parents house only to do and listen to the same shit they did? Turned out college was my family. Same music, a lot of drinking, a little weed, and some good parties with friends. In hind site I had as good of training for college as you could get.

So when the TikTok from DoggFace that has been so popular hit social media I heard my childhood playing in the background. He was singing to the song Dreams off of the album Rumors. I remember the very day Rumors came out. It was one album my Mom and my Dad both were looking forward to. I can remember my Dad unwrapping it and playing it forever. It lasted longer on the rotation that any album I can remember. As soon as I heard it again a few weeks ago I just smiled. 43 years later and it’s as fresh as it was yesterday. It brought back so many good memories. Memories in college that embarrassed me. Now? Now I know my parents were so young my childhood was their college.

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Quote of the Day: “If pigs could vote, they’d always vote for the guy who brings them the food, even though he is the same guy who is going to slaughter and eat them later.” 

Domain of the Day: Looks so official. New customers would assume you are the national IRA people. Even though there’s not such thing Names at Auction or Available for Pickup 2015 birthday which is actually older than most of the names expiring. Can really cook things up with this one Bezos is the only person I can see actually being this soon The brave browser has found some success. Why not the Brave ..something Double venture I remember seeing this one and thinking it was one of the few dot co I would bid on. And then I realized the whole word thought the same thing

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Sounds like a site that would be in the Outbrain articles below the real stories. Or the Meme of the guy looking at the other girl Taken in 50 extensions. That and being one word is more than enough to make it have some value Means “comment” in Turkish Buy your podcasting equipment here And eyebrows No bids at $69. No reserve. Not a bad solar name. 20 years old Has a big offer. You think it will sell ? Met reserve so a domain investor has a new name

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the Godaddy board today. Probably because its always where you start Good for anything rare or perceived rare. Collectibles comes to mine. Or collectible plants but that’s probably me talking Only taken in 9 extensions so not being used…..YET Just don’t use it for headphones or music Don’t know the quality but 3.5 million backlinks Registered in 19 other extensions which makes this on the medium to high side of in use. But the $700 current price says domain investors like it more Backlinks and juice source It’s a dot net but a memorable name for a sign Slang for a game of marbles Surprised this pattern isn’t getting that much action And we thank you for it Refuse to Quitz One of the best values on the board at its current $35 price I definitely needed lessons Great name to showcase some cool sports cars Probably the same owner dropped. Same use A lot of James West in the world. I think it makes a good brand Never used it in a sentence ever but I can see it as a good one word brand. and So so 5Ls I’d get my teeth cleaned there. Not sure about a root canal though I’d look at photos of double D Great outdoor brand Because bad advisor just wouldn’t work as well

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