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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday July 26th , 2018


I don’t really do polls.  But today I will ask a question.  Would you rather have a larger list of quality names at auction at Namejet but they have higher reserves?    Or would you rather have less, have them with lower or no reserve and not have to sort through all the names ?  My opinion is I would rather have good names than no names.  Even though it takes me a lot longer to sort through the list trying to find names that in my opinion, present value.   To me, its worth the extra effort because I want quality, even if its high priced, or above me price, quality.  To a true bargain hunter there is slim pickings lately in the reserved names.  You have to add a list of checks to the normal procedure.    First you find a name you like and now you have to see if the reserve is in your range.  Before it was just finding names and then worrying about other bidders

Looking at it from the sellers side I would do the same thing.  Its not a fire sale.  Its testing the market.  If someone wants a name bad enough it will sell.  If not I don’t have to worry about someone coming in and sniping it.  The trade off is there are better quality names even if only a few actually sell.  A few is better than nothing and it puts more names on the board.  A win win for auction house and seller.

On a personal note I did my first mile race ever this weekend.  I am a marathon kind of person.  It hurts for the last hour but the training and journey to the race is my favorite part.  A mile is a different beast.  Its fast.  It involves more strength and speed training than I’m used to.  If you want the truth, its too hard on my body.  Speed injures old people like me.  But I was a main sponsor of the race so I was expected to show up.  And if I’m showing up I’m going to race.

I had a problem though.  I am in the middle of training for a fall marathon and Sunday is my long day.  My schedule doesn’t allow me to mix things up like a retired Michael Cyger.  I have to get to work.   So I decided to go ahead with my 15 mile long run in the morning and run the race at night.  Tempering the expected time for the mile.   Race time came and I actually felt pretty good.  I took a hot shower before and a mile and a half warmup to prevent a pulled muscle.  I took a double expresso shot with whipped cream about an hour before the race.  So I was ready.  Then one of my running partners let me know that his 13 year old son had run a 5:41.   Now I had a time to beat.  I just wasn’t sure if my legs can move that fast after a long run.  In my workouts during the week I usually do mile repeats at 6:15 so I figured I could easily drop it under 6 for only one mile.   The gun went off

I went out hard.  Too hard.  I crossed the half mile mark at 2:38 .  I had exactly a zero percent chance of running a 5:16 today.  The pain train was coming.  My next half mile was pretty much me looking at the finish line (it was a point to point race) and trying not to overstride and pull anything.  But I could see that sub 5:40 was possible.  So I gunned it a little bit at the last 200 meters and came in a 5:40 flat.   Even more important, my legs felt OK.   I hung out with my friends and waited to see the results.  I won my age group by 3 seconds.  There are a lot of fast 45-50 year olds.  And I would have not placed in the 40-45.  They were getting close to 5 minutes in that category.  To show you how fast the best marathoners are running.  They run 4:38 per mile, THE ENTIRE MARATHON.   And I can’t run 800 meters at that pace.  Proving yet again, you may win your age group and get a free gift certificate to a Mexican restaurant, but you ain’t nothing compared to the big boys.   And that’s good because I like a good slice of bread pudding with ice cream and they can’t eat that.

And how was I on Monday morning?  I could barely walk.  Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price

Quote of the Day:  “When you the feel the need to criticize someone, first walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you will be a mile away from them, and you’ll have their shoes”

Domain of the Day:  ITravel.TV   The perfect name for a travel program or VLOG.  11 years old and no bids

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction    More and more kids are using these because of the high pressures of college scholarships and winning.   Good name for a crypto wallet or management system.  Crypto is hot again 🙂  No bids.   Decent name for an informational or case study site on advertising   Sounds like a new book or show on HBO.  “The” have some good sales history    Hop in your Mercedes Sprinter and travel across Europe  Top bidders are Oliver Holger and Frank Schilling for whatever thats worth    Crypto is like Dubai.  Tons of money around you but built by the poor    No reserve.  everyone knows right click so left click will be a bargain  Met reserve so its going to a new home.  Another that’s met reserve.  News Network,, and   All up for auction at Sedo’s GIANT Dot CO auction starting today

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Everyone city seems to have a pro homes homebuilder.  Thus all the bids  Already a company named this on the .in and also a NETAPP company.  24 bids  A name that would sell on Brandbucket for a good sum   These do sell.  Especially the good letters  Sounds like a fun place  San Diego or South Dakota   5L getting some love.  Breaching $100 at press time  People in tech love unicorn names  Remember this is how they spell it in other English speaking countries   17 years old and 20 bids   Because you can make millions on social media   Another fine media name getting bids   A that has found some legs   A bit generic for me but bidders love it   1999 birthday   Over 600,000 backlinks driving the bidders here   Good letters and 21 years old.  Highest price on the board and highest value by Godaddy.  So it sounds deserving  Pretty good name for under $100  Wanna be a boy?  Take the blue pill.  Girl………Pink

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids   Hot market with canna and yes Adviser with the E is more common and also correct Quality Video.  All boats float in the world.  Would be a great buy at current price of $25. Don’t expect it to stay at that price though  Going to be a portable solar power unit. And I was right.  I googled it and someone else thought of it. Just didn’t bid on it.  NO bids  Closed restaurant.  Your turn to start a house of potatoes  Some people have certainly gone full crypto I think this is the first hyphen name I’ve recommended in a long long time.

Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Hey Shane. Personally, I would rather have quality over quantity, a larger list of quality names at auction with higher reserves? Thanks, Shane

  2. So…15 miles in the morning, and THEN a 5:40 mile? At any age that is crazy awesome!

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