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I’m a huge fan of data. All kinds of data. Especially data about my body. I get bloodwork done twice a year to see how my body is doing. Doctors could give two shits about me. A man comes in that is thin, resting heart rate of 47, and looks fine and they dismiss you. They react they don’t care much about prevention. And if you look the part they pretty much assume you’re doing good things and off you go. No sense wasting time with you. So I have to take care of things myself.

Yesterday I got a general biometric and this morning I got a full screening. I am at 8% body fat and I had a BMI of 24. 25 is considered moderate risk. Moderate Risk? How in the world is BMI accurate if a guy that runs 70 miles a week and watches his diet has a middle of the road BMI?

So I got my results and they were good but you just don’t know until you check . In the past I had blood work and turned out my thyroid was at 10% working. Another time my blood pressure was through the roof and it turned out a supplement I was taking was effecting my blood pressure. I’m in the best running shape of my life and as fit “looking” as I’ve ever been so I was curious with the results. I have to watch the Triglycerides with my lack of thyroid but kept them at 100 which is the best I’ve had. My blood pressure and resting heart rate was the best I’ve ever had. In short, I think I’m fit and my biometric screening shows it.

For underlying, last year I had complete body X-ray. Head, shoulder, and neck cats can to check for growths and vascular health. Full with dye heart valve check. And finally I had an endoscopy to check my stomach. How in the world can you get all that done? Two ways, work in a hospital in Kenya where an X-ray and a Cat Scan cost $20. Two, have heart issues that scare them enough they go searching. Turns out i had ribs pushing on my heart that I need to stretch each day to keep them from stabbing the lining of my heart when I push and pull too hard.

In short, get regular checkups. Catch things while you can. Even if you feel great, get a baseline to compare to later down the road. Preventative medicine should be covered by your insurance. Especially the biometric screening. If not, go to public health. I often go there because shots can be cheaper than at the hospital. Whatever it takes to stay healthy. If you feel fine then good, try and keep it that way.

Domain of the Day: Could be a billion dollar trading platform some day

Quote of the Day: “You’re not asking too much for the domain, you’re just asking the wrong person” -Me Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Get the cover on your book looking good because that is how they will judge you There’s a reason they built a whole tld around XYZ I’ll just place this here . 11 years old Show them your nowlege Could be a record high for gg at auction. Definite maybe

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Everyone knows what a corndog is. A delicious treat and a heck of a brand. 22 years old and no reserve. Business is a learned skill Great bitcoin gambling name 22 years old and no reserve. Awesome domain for everything related to motorcycles including dirt bikes, scooters, racing bikes 22 years old, taken in 25 extensions, and no reserve. Check, check, check Even more extensions taken 37. Four figures wholesale IMO I don’t even know what this is but it sounds like new tech and The hottest new app…or could be some day One bidder. Taken in 11 extensions. If you’ve ever taken a Safari you know they are really expensive I promise this is the last on the Namejet list. sorry but there are so many good ones today a bit generic but can still see it as a new iPhone game. Taken in 19 extensions Not a lot of great names at Sedo’s expiry list but you do get some names like this that are made up but nice looking and sounding I was thinking of adding this to my but at this price I think I am going to raise my price A girls name although not very popular. Also a last name Can’t be in full contact with anyone anymore. Semi Contact might be the new norm

Godaddy Domains With Bids ” We send, you review “ Means “easy pay” in Spanish Going to take a build out but could be a good directory Such a great name to display and discuss modern day moneymaking techniques 22 years old and even with the dash its registered in 38 extensions Top number of bids on the Godaddy board. Bid are for the juice, not for the social K-Pop all the way. And it doesn’t get any better than K-Pop Is it Eat L-eye-v or Eat L-eh-v? 21 years old. Barry Gordy may want this one Let them do the hunting Merchant services would be a good fit here The X party just was too boring Celebrate Cuban heritage and lifestyle Johnson the receiver comes to mind first.

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  1. Shane, I just had the “Cardio IQ” test from Quest Diagnostics. It’s a very in-depth of your cholesterol and gives you a better assessment of your risk factors
    It was interesting, I didn’t know there were different shapes, sizes, and patterns. And, it was paid for by Ins.

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