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When I was young I used to collect beer cans. It was all the rage back in the 70s and I loved the hunt. We moved to Mint Hill NC into what was a fairly new neighborhood at the time. About four houses down was about 100 acres of woods. A gold mine for a kid and if I wasn’t at some sports practice that’s where you could find me. Another popular thing at that age was building forts. From simple sticks and leaves to tree house types, to digging holes and building a roof so nobody even knew you have a fort. I admit I didn’t quite ever figure out how to make my underground fort waterproof. when it rained it usually became a swimming pool.

One time we were digging a hole for a fort and we came across a ton of stuff in the dirt. Long story short the area had evidently been a trash dump for the town in the early 1900s. I found all kinds of cool things. But I was on the hunt for beer cans. Namely cone top beer cans. They were the diamond in the beer can collecting world and the ground seemed to keep a lot of the garbage intact. I would say it was a dump for 30 to forty years because the dump had both cone top kinds and flat top beer that you had to open with punch can opener. I went through tons of naval jelly which takes off rust to clean up the cans. Honestly none of them turned out to be super valuable but to me there were. I still have all of them because I don’t think I have ever sold a beer can. Only collected them and the second I got my own house my Mom gave them to me. She hated to throw them away because I spent so much time collecting them. They’re only still with me because my wife knows they represent something to me and she’s not willing to find out if its a lot or a little.

I look back at that dump and think about all the valuable things I tossed back because it wasn’t a beer can. Notebooks, whisky bottles, intact bottles of all kinds. It was like going back in time. There were plenty of animal bones and other nasty stuff too but things weren’t plastic back then so it seemed less dirty that a garbage would today. I guarantee I threw back tens of thousands of dollars worth of valuable and cool things. I looked in Google maps and while the neigborhood is huge, that area is still woods and I know exactly where the dump is. I’ve always wondered what would be there if I went back to see the old house. The neighbors didn’t mind a little kid playing back there but a 50 year old man might draw a little more attention.

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Quote of the Day: The food industry will be held liable if they make you sick to your stomach But not if they slowly kill you.” – @normonics Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Put some shine into your game The dot com is listed at $888,000. That only helps the sale of this one CBD gives all extensions value Oh Boy. The best dot co EVER The man, the myth, the legend

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action

Sedo 4L auction coming up in 2 days. Here are my favorites All reserve under $150 I see tattoos and I think everyone else does too I think this was up before but now reserve is under $1000 Many people do. Lets see how much they think God is worth I figure the X in front and back have been popular this year. This may be pushing because its Practice. We’re talking practice? Practice? A dot io is getting some good action. Rare for Namejet until recently

Godaddy Domains With Bids A bunch of “compare” names dropping today. Most of these should end over 4 figures Top price on the board today. Jovia Financial is probably the best end user 18 years old. My guess is this will end up being “top videos” type site A lot can happen in 7 seconds. And you probably want to own 7Seconds as well Registered in 14 extensions which means its a middle road LLLL. So my guess is around $700 final price Probably plays better in Europe Social definitely makes getting fit easier I love these types of names because they make great brands Not a ton of value but at least it exudes a happy family A bit specific but would definitely own the category A lot of competition here but your name rhymes I love gospel music. Relaxes me I may be the only ones that sees Etherium here Rewards program for something called Peak. Or mountain climbers We keep you in Keeto bro I’m always in awe watching someone thread eyebrows Porn site Great name for this service. Because veterinarian is not an easy spell

Godaddy Domains with One or No Bids

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