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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday October 14th, 2020

One of the great things about marrying a woman that is my age is we grew up with the same things. We also grew up in the same area. We watched the same shows, movies. Listened to the same songs. Last night we watched About Last Night. It was funny to hear her side of why she liked it so much. She thought Rob Lowe was sooooo cute. I on the other hand yearned for the raspy voiced Demi Moore. We both love Chicago. Watching it again 30 years later I still think she was just so sexy in that movie. All these years later I think that Rob and Demi might have aged the least of any two movie stars over 35 years. They both look amazing. Chicago has changed some but it too has held its age pretty well.

My wife reminded me that About Last Night is a perfect example of why I shouldn’t marry a younger woman. A younger woman couldn’t sing along to the music in the movie, worn the hair and the clothes. Grew up in the places shown. We’ve had beer in every bar in the movie. Played Chicago softball on the fields. And ridden the El to all the stops they show. We WERE About Last Night. I’ve decided she’s right. I won’t be dating a younger woman. I feel it would just be too hard on our marriage. Add to the fact most likely the new girlfriend has never had a beer in Mothers.

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Quote of the Day: “A mistake made more than once is a decision.”

Domain of the Day: I think MyCoin would be a six figure name so this is probably five figures IMO Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Nice to see a dot gg doing well. Steve Webb is happy Good generic but the new Bronco coming out is not going to hurt You have to be brave to go big in the GG world The honest vc name Remember, its quantity over quality

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Love this one. Also my favorite color 23 years old. Taken in 30 extensions Tattoo show or printer cartridges A CVCV with no reserve I represent this name Looks like the first bid was just an opening offer Used to be a body building competition, now its probably a vegan name Met reserve at $121

Godaddy Domains With Bids At $15 at press time. A 5L like this worth at least a few hundred dollars now Rent a place on the sea Most bids on the Godaddy board today. Coming for the name because there are no backlinks 21. 21 years old and taken in 21 extensions Ahhh feels like old time to have a 6N Crypto is running higher and coin names will follow Not sure what 7 did to piss someone off Pretty much anything organics is worthy of bids although nobody can spell accessories without spell check You don’t have any Summer is only 7 months aways Pretty sure Netgear bought out this company We still doing typos “your first step towards financial success” Bike or most likely a Motorcycle Affiliate site or lead gen all the way Taken in 17 extensions. Must be a lot of flow studios out there 21 years old. godaddy puts a 4K value for whatever that’s worth I don’t know what broker flow but I know that RobinHood makes all their money on trade flow

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  1. I just saw that movie for the first time on late night TV the other day. I grew up on the South side so I loved it…

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