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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday October 15th, 2020

So I got an offer for a domain that I paid $800 for. X🖼 (that’s a frame) in the dot com. The offer came in the $1000 range. I was actually wanting to sell a few domains to free up some cash because I’m wanting to buy more domains. I’ve blown through my summer money already (on domains and taxes) and I’ve got quarterly taxes this week so I could use a sale. And I’m addicted to buying domains. So I countered at $7800. I really think I could get more for it later but she found me at a good time.

They countered at $3K which didn’t do it for me. I want to sell but not that bad. I responded with $7500. They came back with that was as high as they could go. I responded with a sorry but not interested at that price and wished them well in their project. A few days later they came back at $3500 and it was their absolute final price. As I said earlier I was in the mood to sell. So I set my Efty account BIN to $4000 and told them that price would be up all weekend and I would take it down on Sunday night.

Tuesday night they get back to me and said they would still like to buy it at $3500. I told them they missed their chance to buy it at $4000. I had it up for 4 days and they didn’t buy it so I was out. I moved the BIN up to over $10K at Efty but secretly left it at $7800 at Godaddy. Yesterday they asked if I could put the price back to BIN $4000. I didn’t respond and I won’t respond. If they want the name they can use the BINs. I ended up getting my money a different way. I bought call options in AAXN and they doubled so I took my profits and put all of them towards my taxes. Paid and done.

My windows of taking low prices are getting shorter and shorter. It used to be months, then weeks and now I will get in the mood to sell something for a day or two. After that I snap back into the “wait and I’ll get more” mood. Patience comes from 3 things. One, the quality of my names are good enough that I can be patient. There will be another buyer later. Two, experience. Experience tells me that good domains get more valuable with time. Three, if you don’t need the money you can be more patient. My problem is addiction to action. I like buying and selling. So I am usually just buying. Lately I’ve been trading options to get my fix. But when I run out of money I have to wait. And I f’n hate waiting. I have been super fortunate in that somehow I end up making some money right when I’m Jonezing to buy. I hope the trend continues.

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Quote of the Day: “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.” — Dennis Wholey

Domain of the Day: Names at Auction or Available for Pickup One word usually gets it done in dot io I like the name more for checking prices than WorldCoinindex Two letter vc are worth at least $300 based on past auctions Looks like a good gambling name to me Doesn’t really roll off the tongue but its coffee. America’s favorite beverage

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Sounds like a the newest Canva. 25 years old If there was a sign at the front door with this on it people would be reluctant to rob the place Registered in 161, yes 161, extensions Get some motivation Sounds like a matchmaking site but could be marriage related I really think this is the future. Camera on the outside, screen on the inside that shows what’s outside. Never understood why they don’t have this on airplanes. And I can choose a view that’s not over the fucking wing like I usually get another nice X name “Save some money, be cheap “ Bonus history and backlinks. Names is solid on its own

Godaddy Domains With Bids Color + Animal is always a good brand A few more weeks of great use. Peaks every 2 years Top price on the board today. A few uses. Move Out like the military term to get going or move like move to a new place Another dual meaning. Look for medical doctors or Drs of SEO LNN.coms have all kinds of value. At least 4 figures but can be a whole lot more Great name despite the fact its in a down turn right now A ton of great business were actually started in a garage. Or at least that’s the story I heard you have a small app for some reason I hate any names that end in king. Sounds like some old ass white guy standing in front of the store talking about how his wares are better than the competition I think you won’t go wrong owning any major city with solar behind it There’s a ton of stuff that needs fixing Veggies or Vegan. 21 years old Worth $500 plus just as an email IMO Taken in 13 extensions. $4800 value by Godaddy

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  1. Maybe I’m just slow but I hadn’t considered the clever idea of setting a lower BIN price publicly at a marketplace like Efty and advising the potential buyer of this, rather than a one-on-one where you give your lowered BIN price to just that one inquirer.
    It sends a clear message to that person that other interested parties might jump in and buy at the lowered BIN. Thanks Shane!

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