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I realized I never gave my race report for the Berlin marathon. I have been running for 12 years. I ran my first marathon as a goal to try and lose some weight. Like everyone who has kids, you kind of focus on family and building a career and less on yourself. The marathon was a way to work on myself using the race as an excuse. I lost about 40 lbs training and ran about 30 to 40 miles a week. It hurt but my first marathon was 3 hrs 39 minutes. Turns out it was pretty strong for a first time. Success breeds success so I kept running

Since that time I’ve run 30 plus marathons and a few Ironman. I’ve learned what’s necessary to go a little faster each year and for some crazy reason I have gone a little faster each year. I had a lot of trouble dropping below 3 hrs 15 minutes for a few years. I always seemed to be just below or just above depending how the day went. I had a breakthrough when I increased my weekly miles to 60 to 70 miles a week. It let me drop my time down to 3:10. So why not more. In 2016 I upped it to 80 miles a week and ran 3:06. But then I played in a soccer game at NameCon and tore my hamstring. I was running in 3 months but it took me 18 months to get back to the level I was before. Hamstrings can end a persons athletic career and I’m fortunate to have overcome it. This year was my first year that I had my speed back. I can normally run low 18s in a 5K but I was in the 19s the last few years because my hamstrings were always tight. This year I was in high 18s and feeling great. I did 60-70 miles a week but for the first time ever I wasn’t tired or sore but one or two days the entire marathon training cycle. Really the best I ever felt. But traveling all the way to Berlin is tough on the body and you never know what the weather is going to give.

Turns out I had zero jet lag to or from Berlin and was ready from the minute I landed. And the weather. Perfect. I walked to the race, did a two mile warmup and waited on the start line. For the first time ever, my line was clear. Meaning that the pace I wanted to run wasn’t clogged up with people that cheated up in the start corals and then jogged at the start of the race causing the fast runners to zig zag. There were a few but over to the left you could pretty much run as fast as you’d like. I set off at 7:05 pace, which is what I wanted to do until mile 10 and then I was going to drop it. I kept the pace up to mile 10 about 7 min to 7:05 and then I kept the same pace. I really didn’t have it in me to drop it. Actually I did but I would have had to stop at 20. So I kept cruising along. But at mile 17 my stomach started getting upset.

While the weather was perfect for some, 56 isn’t perfect for me. I need 40s. I need much colder. I sweat like a horse and when I push it, I really sweat. I got plenty of liquids but they just shook around my stomach like a washing machine. Eventually it subsided but my pace suffered a few seconds. I felt good again by mile 20 but by mile 21 my calf started cramping. I knew I should have worn my calf sock. When I wear it I’ve never had cramps but I hadn’t had any problems and didn’t want to be the old guy with the stupid calf thing so I didn’t wear it. The cramp caused me to rest each mile for 15 to 20 seconds and then run. I did that the last 4 miles. Even managed a 7:30 pace the last mile after resting. All in all it was good enough for 3:10:49. About 5 minutes slower than I expected but a respectable time I can live with. I had a fantastic time with friends so the marathon was just the reason, not the best part of the trip.

After the marathon I know I can go faster. I know I can break 3 hours. I decided to get a coach. I am running Boston in the spring but Boston is definitely not the place people set their PR or PBs . And winter in Illinois is tough training. So fall will probably be the push but I am going to train my ass off for Boston too to set up a good base. And as I say all the time, I enjoy the journey and training much more than I enjoy the race. You train to gain your fitness, you use the race to prove it.

Quote of the Day: Talent is a wonderful thing, but it won’t carry a quitter. ” ― Stephen King

Domain of the Day: Can’t believe this is going to go through expiry. If it does it will go in the record books

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction

A little sneak peak of a few of the domain coming up in Sedo’s Great Domains Auction There are 3 two letter dot tv names with reserves under $500 Some good letters and if its closer to the left side of the reserve it could sell And I like this one even more A category big enough to build on a dot net I don’t really invest in 5N.coms but this reserve is really low so its definitely going to sell. Might get a good price because I’m not sure people look for 5N on Sedo and Both close today. Born is pretty close to reserve Great name but the reserve shows the owner thinks its pretty great too I went through a phase where I bought a lot of modern this and modern that names. Sold quite a few and dropped the rest. I still have modern gardener Upgrade name for a few companies and as expected …fashion Makes it seem like the design involves science insert penis joke here Reminds me of those bumper mats people put on the tail of their cars in NY to keep people from denting their trunks during parallel parking Only 10 bidders on this one. But reserve is above $500 Sound like someone is going to visit Planet Big Sounds like a good place to yep. Log your journey Mule makes it sounds like they’re doing the work Upgrade name for a few companies

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Click the links to fund the site and our work Looks like the company went belly up and the assets were acquired. Just not the domain Pronounceable getting a little love and has hit 4 figures It’s Britney Bitch!!!! Key can be anything. Sense can be common too Not in the US. We’re all so fat everything has to be Big Lane Fashion line or discussion Surprised this is doing so well. Non product generics in the dot net have been struggling City in China which is good for at least a few thousand A company in our industry may like this one Sounds like a compliance name 5L thats getting a few bids Lets pretend its a new fake meat so it will seem super valuable Names with juice are getting more and more popular. Both vintage cars and dot net are down. The irony Has go. That’s enough on a Great name for a temp service

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  1. I don’t think most people understand the commitment and perseverance required to train to run a 3:10 marathon, let alone how fantastic this accomplishment is with the cramping you experienced. Well done, Shane. You’ll be sub 3 hours soon, and it will taste all the sweeter when you do.

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