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20 years ago today my life changed forever. I had a baby girl. Born 6 weeks early I absolutely wasn’t prepared. My brother was getting married near Chicago, 2.5 hours away so we went to the doctor to make sure my wife was OK to travel. The doctor took a look and said all was good. Our girl was cooking and the timer was set for 6 weeks.

Fast forward to the wedding. I the best man, stood at the alter as the beautiful bride walks down the aisle. As she walked the whispers started. It eventually turned to discussion which eventually turned into the music stopping and everyone looking at the rambling. Sitting in her chair in morbid embarrassment was my wife, drenched in water at the knees. Her water broke in the middle of the ceremony. My Mom being the great Mom, takes her by the hand and takes her to the restroom to get cleaned up and we meet to call the doctor. Their advice. Head to the hospital but this being her first, its going to be a while. It usually takes longer the first time.

So in the 1995 Honda Accord we go. She’s sitting in the front seat holding my hand as we head to the hospital 2.5 hours away not knowing how this thing is going to turn out. We know the eventual outcome, just not how or when. Cut to the next scene and hour later with my wife in the back seat with heavy contractions and me on the phone (yes I had a good cell phone 20 years ago) talking to the hospital about whether I needed to go to the first hospital or pull over and call an ambulance. I give them the space between contractions and and they say keep driving. An hour later. There is still a young blonde woman in my drenched back seat breathing in patterns and singing along to the Foo Fighters Fly. I can picture it like it was yesterday. She’s sweaty and smiling with tears of joy, fear, and anticipation. Me. I’m going 80 and actually hoping someone pulls me over so I can have a guarantee of getting to the hospital. Then my daughter decides she wants to come out. She starts moving forward. I call the hospital and they tell me that I have to come to the hospital. I’m going to get there faster than any ambulance since stopping and waiting would just make it a longer trip.

So I drive as fast as I can. Pull into the emergency room and they put her into a chair and ask how far apart the contractions are. I lift up my wife’s skirt and they can see that a baby is coming any second. 17 minutes later my daughter is laying in her arms. No drugs. No pain relief. Nothing but cursing and screaming to help her out.

That was my day 20 years ago. The day that made me into a man. That moved me to third most important in my life after my wife. The result after 20 years is nothing short of remarkable. God is supposed to even it out among looks, brains, and personality but somehow my daughter was dealt a good hand in every category. We say its because we were only graced with one and we put all our eggs in one basket, literally. I don’t know how everything for me was going to turn out but 20 years ago today I knew that I was as happy as a person could be and I still haven’t come down

Quote of the Day: It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” Frederick Douglass

Domain of the Day: A lot of talk about banning straws around the US. Sounds like a good time for a good reusable straw and a reusable straw domain

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Already a TM on a drilling tool but its a great name for a lot of other things in other industries 16 year old domain. Reserve me under $100. Upgrade name for several organizations that use the name Uniregistry seems to want it a lot more than anyone else. Because they know they can call all the Dream Landscapses and triple their money or Learn robots or a brand that makes them. No reserve No reserve. Crier as in “Dissipates Info” or someone that cries all the damn time Every sees surf but unfortunately hears surf as well What a tool This could be the first non prounceable to see $2500 this fall

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Click the links to fund the site and our work 17 year old Under $400 at press time Since there are so many home growers this name should grow in value IMO Everyone knows I like Color+Noun dot coms. Great brands every time Love this one. Mobile home care or mobile medical of any type Doing what CVCV.coms do. Make the money for the seller 15 thousand dollars. Thats what you have to pay for half a million backlinks from 1200 domains Just reduce all the above by 75% Not a term anyone uses and long but obvious use and people would know exactly what its for Worst coin name I can think of….and yet it still has bids Great letters, repeating…I’ll take it A box with cheap domains and a hood Everyone knows the term. Yes I know its long but a good name for a blog or podcast Nothing better for your life than a great mentor Upgrade name for several companies. I think septic cleaner when I see it Here you go you dot co cheerleaders Another cheap Phone food

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  1. Wow! Great story, and happy birthday to your daughter.
    We had a similar experience with our third child but instead of a car it was on a ferry boat while cruising over Puget Sound! I’ll have to tell you about it next time we chat.

  2. Your story got me all emotional. We had our first this year, in the hospital, induced. That was an insane experience in itself. The thrill of pushing a 1995 Honda Accord to 72, 78, let alone 81, would have put us over the edge.

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