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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday October 31st, 2018

The first person I heard talk about it was Andrew Rosener many years ago.  He thought if you could go to a registrar like Godaddy and look for a name and see ALL names available, even names from third parties, and be able to buy them with one click,  sales would skyrocket.   Eventually that’s exactly what Godaddy did.   It has changed domain investing.  It’s essentially like a guy that sells bread being able to go Whole Foods and put his own bread on the shelf with all the other breads sold by Whole Foods.  The key to the whole thing is guaranteed delivery.  It’s not just Godaddy.  Amazon does the same exact thing for product and its turned little side hustles into millions of dollars a year in sales businesses.

Fast Transfer is the key to all of this.   If you are in the program then your name can be put in front of millions of people daily. Get the right price and click.  The more “programs” you can get your name in to, the more chance it will sell.  Some will argue that you are not achieving your best return.   Depends on how you look at it.  Returns or profit dollars.  I look at both.  At the end of the year I am generally happier with 100,000 in profit and 40% margin vs 50,000 in profit and 60% in margin.

The first time I understood this is when I joined the Namejet program 10 years ago.  I asked if I could put my names in with the expiry names and they let me.  After the trial they started opening it up.   Some will say I got in because I was in the good old boys club.  Since I had 70 names in my portfolio and had been domain investing for a few months I was hardly in the club at that point.  I simply asked. Explained the future potential and asked if I could trial it.   All businesses love to hear ideas on how they can make more money.  Adding private names to auction listings would become norm eventually but early on you just didn’t see the two mixed.

The latest idea I had but nobody took me up on it.  I presented to Namejet and was the “Flip It” button.  It allowed a recent domain investor to relist a name they just bought ONE MORE TIME.  Not 100 more times but one more time.   The person that just bought it would pay a commission for the new auction on just the difference between the new price and the old price.  If it didn’t sell for more then it stays with the original owner.   Another rule I felt had to be in place was the reserve could only be what they person had in it.  Not higher.  If it sells for $50 more they lose it.

I realize some people would hate this but I think others would love to hunt for bargains and try and flip.  It would almost turn it into trading.  I’d love to hear what others think about the idea  Here are today’s names.  Click through to see the current price


Quote of the Day: “A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit” Arnold H. Glasow

 Domain of the Day: just sold for $150K.  Get this one for considerably less

 Namejet and Sedo Names and Others   Ends today.  Reserve met.  Perfect for converting currencies, measurements, etc    Officially a five figure name.   Not unjustified if you sell six figure cars      The reserve is reasonable to an enduser and in this case domain investors could be endusers    Officially chip rock but I think it would make a good restaurant name    Another online movie site ready to go  Met reserve.   Now you just have to decide if you want real news or fake news   Upgrade name for a few and marketing name for most   Reserve met at $5K   Met as well.   It will be interesting to see how low they will go   Its normally spelled emulate but this spelling looks like a drug name to me

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids cleared $3K at auction yesterday.   This one won’t hit that but the LLLL.coms with good letters and C at the end bring bring the higher end of prices         According to owner the site receives parking revenue, and good steady traffic of 1500 month (not verified) Would make a good online video channel and sounds like someone did at some point  If you lived in Illinois you would understand how many people buy these things .  Hit my shins on one every day     Already a company in the brewery space called Smart Machine but this one has great potential in any tech space  International marketing company   1995 name.  Not a great but worth taking a look at  The perfect pest control name  You can never get too much of this   I can see this store at the corner of a strip mall already   Park and Fly name all the way.   I use private parking at airports almost exclusively now because its so much nicer and cheaper   Good letters.  A for association    I think of press release and news release services when I see this one   I like it but not sure I like it at this price already   I get the yoga part of it.  But I would think everyone goes to local yoga classes. Not a travel type thing    I remember when startups used to just be called a new business   Because you know that some people call themselves this   Mining names have pretty much fizzled to nothing now that bitcoin peak is over   What a great marketing name for all forms of media.  And its under $50 at press time.    It’s a first name.  Of course nobody has been named this in 40 years   Easy logo and sounds like a local bar so its a good brand


Godaddy Domains With No Bids   1995 birthday.  Would make a good weather app name  Lots of results for the term.  mostly truck loading jobs Hoping Sticky as in they come back  Pirate bay for adult  Pretty much covers it. No bids   A lot of uses but food comes to mind with 2 bids  Gets almost 200 visits per month if you believe Godaddy  Spa. Gotta be a spa  Good name for companies in the spartan type race industry  Good play on canna  I can spell both words.  Lets start there  You have to learn somewhere  Sounds like a Fashion line of denim for the Japanese market Seed and VC money

The Rest of the Names With Bids

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  1. The only thing I want is for Godaddy to have some sort of opt-in program in which the domain owner can purposely let domains drop for the purpose of splitting the revenue from the expired auction proceeds 80/20 with Godaddy. That is more than reasonable as most brokers ask for 15%. This would allow any domainer to liquidate his portfolio and still get 80% of market value for it. It would be a major boon to the industry.

  2. Great idea Shane. “Flip it” With the commission rule and reserve rule in place especially. My only thinking is that I personally, don’t relist at the same marketplace usually or wait a couple years so the memory of the listing and rough sales price do not follow along with active participants. That being said, I would definitely beta test it as it seems a win win for everyone.

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