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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday September 30th, 2020

It’s crazy. Its the end of September. I realize its a difficult time for everyone but the days are just flying by for me. I sold exactly ZERO domains in September and had the worst commission month in the history of DSAD in August. But the spring and summer was enough to hold me off the rest of the year and my trading has my account up 300% so its made up for the no income August September.

The no income month does have me grateful I don’t have to pay bills with sales. I guess I would be much more aggressive on my sales. I had some good offers that I probably would have taken if I had a car payment. For instance, I had a name I bought at closeout that I had a $100 offer that went to $500. A great return but I wanted $1000. I’m so lazy and my needs are so small that it’s not worth my time for $500. The name was Labor Share in the dot com and despite my purchase price, I think it’s worth even more than $1000. Ask me again today and I don’t even sell it for that. I am a very unmotivated seller. I know my names will be worth more down the road than they are today. I had another offer for $5K for That name, my LLLs, and are my most offered names. They are also my most liquid. Between the 5 names, I could have $100K tomorrow. I would be underselling them but the liquidity is a security blanket and in my opinion a much better upside and value hold than bitcoin.

I’m hoping fall picks up like it always does. I’m hoping to sell at $50K to $100K worth of names which would be a great fall for me. I’ve been overpaying my quarterly taxes because I’ve such an incredible year and I hope I add to my tax liability, even more, this fall.

PS. Had a good chat with Steve Webb of What a great guy and so smart. Knew he was a computer scientist but had no idea he had a Ph.D. in it. Look next Monday on Sherpa for the chat.

Quote of the Day: “Don’t make friends with an elephant trainer if you don’t have room for an elephant in your living room” – Indian Proverb

Domain of the Day: Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Personal information search or zoom backgrounds We know the dot com is taken. Not sure how the trademarks will work since its a vc aka money name the start of tequila and a very popular succulent plant. Also a great brand Not a word but an awfully short domain name. I think it sells for over $500. We’ll see Great name for gaming which is all about fighting

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action You can fux too for 300 euro I think this is the best buy of the auction at $230 $130 is a steal. Even at triple that IMO

Electoral.College Not saying its worth reserve but it sure gets a lot of traffic Sounds like an iPhone game right out of the package Its a thing. Lets you see the fish and water below We still doing bee names? If Z1 has value, so should this Just how I like my hoses. Soft and Supple

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the Godaddy board today. One of the top patterns desired by the Chinese market I think this has changed meanings over the years. Now I see some redneck saying it to an immigrant . Hopefully other people are more positive than me I can feel Sean drooling over the juice on this one Some product, different backlinks Its how some people are caught Brain name Simulation games although I’m sure it will be used to sell the game with the exact name A shoe or boot in French F for federation or Federaccion gives this really good value 25 years old and taken in 18 extensions This one is 23 years old with the same number of extensions. Sounds like a place in the mall with Pacman. Which means its an awesome name Nice My new porn name Taken in 23 other extensions LNN still rocking it Actually registered in 31 extensions. Godaddy really likes it too 23 extensions

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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