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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday October 1st, 2020

Travis and I bought one of the “stolen” Go names from someone on a Slack Channel. We got a good price on a name we both liked and now its part of the big suit. After we bought the name Travis read a post on NamePros that said it could be stolen. Domain investing is hard enough, the last thing I want to add to it is a lawsuit or have to give the domain back and fight for a refund. We asked Godaddy if the domain had been reported stolen. They said it hadn’t been flagged. We asked the seller and he insisted that it wasn’t stolen. After some discussion, Travis and I felt uncomfortable about having the name and told the seller we didn’t want a name that was possibly stolen. He was nice enough and agreed to give us our money back. Except he had already spent it. He gave us a name worth a lot more than the go name as collateral until he got the money to pay it back.

I’ll admit I didn’t know the seller. Others vouched for him including Travis, but it was my first transaction and it’s never nice to start with a possibly stolen name. People told me he was a “big player” but big players can pay back a few thousand without having to liquidate assets. There was a time where the seller was posting about his great sales and I DMed him and demanded to be paid. If he had such great sales he could pay us our refund. Travis is much nicer about these kinds of things. I didn’t mind the wait but I don’t like someone telling me they don’t have money and then posting about sales that were 4 times what they owe. But we eventually got our money back. Again, he was very nice and professional and did everything he said he would. I was just ready to be done.

The seller of the domain went on to sell that domain for 6 times what we had paid and posted it on Twitter. Travis and I had the same thought. Did we make a mistake not buying the name? Our answer was the same. Selling the name to someone else didn’t make it less stolen. It was one more thing that was going to add to the complication if it did turn out to be stolen. Low and behold a lawsuit comes out saying it is. Officially someone thinks it is. Doesn’t mean it is and the person that sold it to us to this day says it is not and says he will defend this thought in court. He didn’t steal the name, that’s not the claim. Only that he was an owner at one point and now the person that owns it and paid him, is going to come to him for a refund if the courts determine it is indeed stolen. The guy that bought it could also go to the courts saying he was sold a stolen domain. And all of this is the reason why Travis and I ran away from the name as fast as we could. It’s a nightmare drain on emotions, time, and money. Its also the reason why if there is a doubt, get out.

I also wanted to mention that for the first time since Feb I logged in to Namepros to see what was going on. Took me about 15 seconds to remind me why I left. The time would be so much better spent perusing DNAcademy IMO . I’ll check in next Feb and see if its better.

Quote of the Day: “Will you shut up man?” -Joe Biden 2020 presidential debate.

Domain of the Day: If you need a windshield for you 1932 Rolls Royce Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Online class is pretty much a thing now Gamers tend to be either over excited or super mellow Going to do well. Flex with flex Canna is a pretty big keyword. Should hold some value in dot ly I would think a would be a good gambling name

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action auction ENDs TODAY. Still think is a great buy under $1000 No reserve. Short and memorable. Radio test not as good New Hampshire comes to mind out of the gate Good sleep requires training. A lot of people don’t know this. Training your mind to know its time to sleep and sleep hard

Godaddy Domains With Bids You es dumb Most bids on the Godaddy board today. Organic is pretty much a can’t miss keyword in today’s market What we’re all looking for Take the dot net discount Taken in 17 other extensions. 19 years old Used to be the official tourism web site. I really need to buy this one to help build my big island site. Just so much already on my plate The backlinks and juice led this to four figures A last name so it will have things named after the family name A decent 5L. Under $50 at press time aka a marketing funnel which really doesn’t help let anyone know why this one is valuable Hasn’t been very many Media names up for auction lately. Quite a few things named this. 202 sites with versions of this name Discount food doesn’t sound so good but then you throw in Gourmet and now its good again.

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8 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday October 1st, 2020”

  1. I agree with NamePros. Just returned after logging out for three months as well, but already getting tired of it again.

    Would you also recommend DNAcademy for old-timers? Is it worth paying for?

  2. Trying to flip a possibly stolen domain while reassuring you that it’s not stolen.
    Selling it to an unsuspecting business.
    It sounds like this big player will do and say anything for a profit.

    1. Ryan,

      Not sure he’s a big player but he did eventually give us a refund. He is adamant it isn’t stolen but we heard it was and then a lawsuit claims it was. Most people I know only sue to retain stolen items if they are really stolen. That’s for the courts to decide. My point was if it smells fishy don’t eat it.

    1. Thanks Teddy. That’s why I went there for the first time. Just had to get by my 26 alerts about me being an ass in a previous thread. Maybe I was part of the problem and better off with me gone. Everyone wins

      1. You are welcome – I agree that there may be annoyed members on NamePros (they are everywhere and should just be ignored) but there are also many nice and gifted members – It was me who warned Travis via slack because I saw he/you bought the name I also was considered buying but refrained from due to a thread by Superbrander on NamePros.

      2. You are 100% right. There is good in everything. I really didn’t mean to label the entire thing. There are lots of money and time saving threads. There definitely some good people there such as yourself.

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