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Domain Shane’s Special Advertising Deals for March

I thought I would try and drum up a little adverting since we are coming up in March.  As most of you know, Domain Shane is known for an unbiased, say it as we think type, approach to blogging. Each month we get 45,000 uniques with a market that is all domain investors.   Below are the normal prices and below that are our November specials.  If you are interested please contact us and tell us exactly what spot you’d like.  First one to say sold gets it.

Top Left  SOLD

Top Right Big Box  (300 X 250) $250 One month  $700 3 months  6 months $1300 SOLD For Three Months

2nd Right Box (same size as above)  $225 month $650 for 3 months  6 months $1200

125 X 125 under each post  $80 month  3 months $225  6 months $425


Domain Spotlight:

7 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Special Advertising Deals for March”

    1. David,

      I put on the main page my stats. There is absolutely nothing special or hidden traffic in my numbers. Not one link or piece of traffic ever purchased. What you are seeing are the results of a person that writes every single day. Readers and Google are coming more and more every day. I wrote half as often as normal this month (although I think the quality was better) and you can see the traffic has held steady. I get 1.5 pageviews per person as well. You know very well Compete is worthless and merely guesses traffic. You don’t have to guess mine because if you read my blog you’ll see I post screenshots every month. Nothing to hide here. I think your advertising dollars are well spent here and offer value. Then again I am biased. I’m just not “in” with Estibot, Escrow, and Domain Tools and other big advertisers.

      PS: I’d love to have some real estate domain advertising 🙂

  1. I don’t even know if its worth your time, answering to people who cite Alexa, Compete, etc as being credible entities, to determine traffic.

    What was that old saying about Alexa, that the only time it’s proper to source Alexa is in the context of laughing at Alexa?

  2. You mean 45,000 visits correct ? Not uniques I doubt there are 45,000 unique domain investors.

    Impressive traffic,any reason the 50% increase from Nov to Dec ?

    I like the overall look and color scheme here.


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