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Tuesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping on the Internet 2-28-12

Big day today.  You know the day.  The day your wife has a birthday and you have no idea what to get her.  She says she doesn’t want anything but she’s really not telling the truth.  She wants something but she won’t tell you.  She’ll only tell you what you bought is not what she’s thinking or you paid too much or she had a coupon for 20% off or that you bought it too small.  Or maybe that’s just my house.  Here are today’s names.  Sounds powerful.  Also sounds like a 80’s hair band.  Two character dot orgs don’t come around every day.  This one is under $1000 which I think is more than fair.  Online degree is a big paying keyword so I expect this one to do well 33 bidders  I heard you guys like leaf domains.  Oh that’s me, you like cloud domains, that’s right  I hope you offer better “priority” than the USPS  Reputation defender for companies.   Or maybe a photographer that just takes pictures of corporate headquarters.  Kind of like the guy that takes aerial photographs of my nursery and tries to sell them to me every year.  Little does he know I just have my tall uncle take photos for free.  Not quite the same angle but pretty good shots.  Creative brand. Get it coup ON  Let’s see if the original owner renews in ……..3………2………1   They love to be cheered on  You’ll have to fight off Acro for this one   This Internet search thing is catching on


Domain Spotlight:

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