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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Friday November 28th

Off to sell Christmas trees today.  I like being on the selling side of Black Friday.  No time for chit chat.   Here are today’s names.  For only 32% interest a month, paid to the Chippawa tribe, you can have a no credit check loan of $500.  15 year old name  There are a lot of high dollar items that get restored.  And I think the prices of dot nets will be one of them  I know quite a few places called Capstone Corner.  Upgrade name.  No bidders Fantastic name.  The ultimate tongue twister and certainly memorable.   And this is why you come here.  For great names like this  Its long but flanked with 88 which is pretty.  And pretty is memorable.  But I guess ugly is even more memorable  I think these double over the next year.  Then again that only nets you $50 in most cases  24 years old and no bidders.  Maybe the name is haunted or something  Getting a great price.  Then again end users like coupon and deal names Want to get in the belt buckle business.  This one makes pretty good money  Going for more than I though it would.

Finally a NEW Domain Code of the day. 39% OFF YOUR ORDER gd41124a I know I don’t have to show you this one.  Almost everyone has a bid in on this one.  Even if you’re not going to buy it  This one is worth a lot more than people think. Biologicals are the future of disease and insect control.  Lead gen for lenders.  Borrowers are the side they’re looking for  Good marketing name for a sportswear company or trainer  All premium letters.  I won’t pretend like I know who is going to end up buying it  Present tense verb but a lot of uses and not a lot of bidders.  The kind of combinations I like  Hundreds if not thousands of sports teams named the Rams.  Only one can have the dot com.

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