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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday December 1st

Taking a little break from the computer over the next few days to uncord myself.  Nothing of importance to cause it.  Some people have a cleanse,  I like to get away from the phone and email a few days. These next few weeks are a good time to do it. All the activity at the nursery is outside selling Christmas trees anyway.  Aaron is doing an even better job uncording hiking through the mountains.  My getaway is more of staycation.  Since I am away this post was written by robots.  Here are today’s names.  The most important part of running.  But I imagine there are other uses as well  Under $200 would be a good buy here IMO  Going to struggle agains but this one has no bidders and at $12 you’ll have some money left to compete  Not much value but should be the domain of every doctors office  Reserve met.  Millions of anime lovers across Japan and the rest of the world   13 years old.  Reserve met.  Effects every human on earth.  6 million broad monthly searches on Google   The kind of subject that people are looking for information about.  Tornadoes are fascinating and every time one is reported or talked about online they are going to search for more info.  You can have the site they go to

Finally a NEW Domain Code of the day. 39% OFF YOUR ORDER gd41124a  Maybe you don’t want to focus on oil and want to concentrate on Equal Opportunity in IL. 19 years old  Another nice  18 years old  News names sell for big money.  This one is no different  Better than the singular that is also up.  We learn about these in school.  I remember sugar and caffeine not being any of them  There was a big whisperer movement for a while.  I never made my skill public.  I can talk to trees  No bidders.  Did the bacon phase end.  Never  I never really liked  Knock them out of business  This will prove that all LLL.coms have risen to new levels  Even tougher letters to make an acronym with   Looks like dot info are starting to get some action at Namejet and not just Flippa  You gotta have a catchy brand.  I certainly can remember the tax lady.  If she messes them up I’ll remember her even more  Sounds like eBay  If you are going to offer home care, Florida is the place to do it. God’s waiting room  These types of adverbs have been doing well as of late.  Not my kind of names but if they sell they become my types of names

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Domain Spotlight: