DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Mar 02 2015

 I’m starting to sound like a broken record but spent 12 hours yesterday plowing snow.  We got 10″ and it came 8 hours earlier than expected.  Makes for a 4am wakeup to  “oh shit”.   My shopping centers that were open 24 hours weren’t real happy with me.  I thought I had it all planned out perfectly.  Nope.  But when we were all said and done our lots were the cleanest and nicest in town.  Another snow that I didn’t sell a name.  I’m on a cold streak.  Had a fantastic February on the blog. Good traffic and the list seems to be getting more readers each day.  The twitter account is growing fast as well.  But now the nursery is about to get busy again and its almost marathon training time again.  Back to 16 hours of work each and answering my wife with yes and no but not really paying attention.  Good times, good times.   Here are today’s names  17 years old.  Cincinnati Department of Feet  As opposed to financing with waffles.   May hit $800  No bidders.  Not any value but would love to give this one out to a customer as my email.  “Yeah baby, I’ve got a few more hours left of booty duty”  Shane takes two steps back and looks at her butt. Scene two. Shane gets out of police car.   Nice marketing name.  8 bidders already.  No bidders. You generally can’t go wrong buying Color + for $12.  Will not lose IMO  13 years old.  Insert why you should buy it here  Not even sure if its a real used word but it sounds like something fun I would like to go to.  I think I’m going to sign up for it  No bidders.  For $12 worth a flier IMO.  Sounds like a tech company and name exudes doing something better Under $50 at press time.  Something something Venture Capital  Over $1000.   As easy to remember as it gets. And a pretty name  Reserve met at $14K

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEW NEWSLETTER (top right of the page) for this list delivered the night before with some fun and games added and  Two for one special.  At $115 and reserve met at press time.  I think HUXD is worth that alone IMO Gotta love domains.  5 months old.  Has a $400 bid and hasn’t met reserve  You want short names that make a good brand wit dot io. This works IMO  Mentioned this one yesterday.   One of the better Sedo names in a while IMO  Met reserve at $160.  Yours if you want it

A GODADDY COUPON CODE: 99 Cent Dot Com Registration.  gofdsp401c  18 years old.  Popular last name (Hobbs is much more popular but not an  Not going to be cheap   Great name for a freelance writer site  17 years old.    Typo of    I’m thinking bargain site.   Or perhaps a stolen credit card site. Those are very profitable as well    Going to make a positive out of a negatives   No bidders but still like the brand  Be the next Grumpy Cat  Super solid domain blog name   Might as well pick up the plural   All girls are looking for him.  No bidders  I guess I should probably buy this   Some are trying to reach the limits and some are trying to break them

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Have a name at auction and need more exposure?  The list above is hand curated from every name that is up for auction at Godaddy, Flippa, Namejet, Sedo, and  We can add your name to this list for $10 per name, per day. We take no more than 3 names per day and if I think you name won’t sell, I won’t let you waste your money or our readers time.  Email us if you need some extra exposure

*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct

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  1. Cameron W.

    Nice snow decorations at Country Arbours facebook page today. Up here in Kelowna, Canada we had snow, almost a foot this year, but sunny and 50 degrees today. Unusually warm spring up here. Actually its still winter lol
    I see your list is getting lots of action.
    As of 11:30 am OnlineWriter has no bids, I am suprised.
    RoomMateReview ended at $400 with the reserve not being met. Thats worth more than OnlineWriter?
    ProudMonkey has a bite, HumanPotential is up to 26 bids with 11 hours to go.
    DnReports has caught 47 people’s attention and DnReport has 102 interested parties.
    EquityFinancing has surpassed your expectations sitting at $1000 with 37 offers.
    Well, time to do some research, thanks for the list Shane.
    Have a great day everyone!

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