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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday, July 26th 2015
I’m not one to believe in luck but I do believe in chance.  I believe that luck is merely chance that goes your way despite the odds.  But I do believe that things have a way of going in your favor if you make good decisions or pay it forward.  Yesterday I sat with the protestors at Mauna Kea.  The protestors are against all the building on the mountain.  I sat with them not because I was against the new telescope being built, but because I wanted to here directly from the people  why they were there and what they felt, rather than have the TV news tell me.  The news made them sound disruptive and mean and I found exactly the opposite.  They couldn’t have been more friendly. The gave me food and drink and brought up porta potties up because the visitors center shut down so the protestors wouldn’t have a restroom.  Leaving the people from all over the world that came to see the amazing mountain no facilities or water.   Most people would be afraid to go up to a circle of people sitting down, but I walked up and immediately they grabbed a chair and brought me in to the conversation.  They talked about the importance of Hawaiian history and that there had to be some rules on what and how things were put on the mountain.  There are always bad apples in a group but the dozens of people there could’t have been more kind to me.  But I was also kind to them. I came into the sitting with a smile.  It also made me realize why I love the island so much.  Because the rules are so strict about keeping things natural.  No billboards, all lights have to be a certain type so they don’t disrupt the night skies, and minimal unnatural displays.  Back to why I brought up  the visit to the mountain.  Since that visit, everything “lucky” seems to be happening to me.  To the point my wife said “I don’t know what they said or did to you up there but you have been so lucky since”   A forty five minute wait for the restaurant for everyone else but not me.  For some reason they sat us down right away while everyone else had to wait.  I have no idea why.  Only 20 parking spots for a private beach I like to go, all taken, until someone comes up to me and shows me where there is one extra hidden spot.  Went out to SUP paddle and it was for 2 hours but the guy I rented from said I was looking like I was having a good time, so I could keep it as long as I wanted,  just come back when you’re tired.  Was it the mountain?  Maybe. Maybe it was because I come up to everyone with a smile and a good attitude.  It’s probably the latter but I’m going to pretend I have the luck of Mauna Kea with me for the rest of my life. Here are today’s names   19 years old but don’t know why its getting such a high price  No bidders.  16 years old.   Nobody likes to be called a jogger but for $12 you’ll find a few that don’t mind  I may be a bit bias but I googled it and tons of results.  No bidders. $12  No bidders.  Much better adult site name than any of them out there.  Or so I’ve heard   Tough to make a word in Scrabble so naturally its getting a ton of bids  Can’t believe this doesn’t have a bid.  $12 and 12 years old  Should hit 4 figures.  Not there yet   Yangzi Hoi Gaigzhang Hin     Just made all that up.  Still going to hit four figures IMO  18 bidders.  Shanebot estimated value $645  11 years old.  Awful letters.  Should do well  I never thought I would ever say this.  But I want to buy a name because it has a ton of Qs.  I am bidding on this.  Chinese.  Just buy it The kind of name I feel I could get more for on Flippa

New GODADDY COUPON CODE: $.99 New Registration Godaddy fb99brmr01  I had NO idea that NNbet.coms were worth so much  Don’t get many dictionary names this short and cheap.  12 years old.   I think it makes a good brand as well.   I wish I could afford a   Will be a six figure name soon IMO.  PS love Hobi’s (the seller) avatar picture. So confident and strong looking 🙂  Positive name.  12 years old and under $600 at press time   Names do well as dot nets because people are willing to pay more just to have a personal email

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now  19 years old.  Don’t worry about the I, you’ll be fine  The end user is probably going to use it as a possessive and not sell creeks.  18 years old  19 CPC and debt names of this quality can easily go for 5 figures.  This one is 33% of the way there  Might as well buy this one to go with it  Good Chinese name.   Might get a deal here  Another nice short brand.   Will have to keep them from going to swift though   3 very nice Vegan names on the board at Namejet today   The second and   Might as well buy the pair   Only the best 90s dancer E….V……E….R  172 bidders can’t be wrong  Looks like the former startup didn’t quite start up   High CPC and easy name to brand for those doing homework before they get their mortgage.


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