DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Thursday, August 27th 2015

Aug 27 2015
Congrats to Drew Rosener and Media Options on their sale of  I had known that it sold for a lot but he is very tight lipped on his prices when he has to be.  Yesterday he didn’t have to be anymore and he announced it was sold for more than a million dollars.  Media Options and his team are the best in the biz and yesterday they added yet another reason why.  Nice to see a fellow Sherpa making a little money.   Here is today’s list.  19 years old.  Virtual campus.  PR 4 to boot.  Getting some bid love   No bidders. Not a bad for $12  Because you know that this is going to be a thing.  After you visit the Pot Truck you’re going to want to visit the Food Truck  Ending in a few days but thought these two make good company  I thought this one would get to four figures fast.  It may get there but not close yet  I think if you buy this for $12 you make money.  Easy to remember and that’s half the battle  $750 is floor IMO but should cross 4 figures without a problem  The 8 above is much better than the 4, guessing it sells for half of the 8.  See what I did there?  4 is half of 8  As I said yesterday.  the only I even look at are the ones that end in triple repeating.  This one has the added bonus of two 8s at the front as well  Another nice that would make a short brand.   All depends on how cheap you can get it   A high quality photo celebrity blog waiting to happen.  May have already happened once based on the traffic that it already has   Has a V but still like it.  Flows off the tongue, more the teeth and lips I guess.   Worldwide Society of Woodworking Elephants.  The domain auction is going well.  The Elephant woodworking thing, not so well    Everyone is trying to.  Online popularity is moving ahead of in person popularity at schools I’m told  Reserve met at $25.  Worth watching IMO

New GODADDY COUPON CODE: None Work, None. Click the link to See that None of them Work Godaddy Click This For No Savings  HUGE name.  Everyone with a home owns one.  But its a dot net so not much action  I absolutely love this site.  Always looking to buy websites I can continue to monetize and I am sooooo gassy that I can keep fulfillment going for years

Portfolio of 60 Names.      Some decent names in the list and reserve met under $500

ReadTheListcom  No reserve.  Has 2 billion Google results but it’s probably everyone talking about Reading the Domain Shane Daily list. Certainly calls you to action.  At $1  Under $10K at press time but reserve isn’t met yet

J.AI   But watch the renewal fee  I hate to even list this one. I like it a lot and it’s cheap IMO   I think this one will hit reserve.  Not the best for English letters but that’s not who’s pushing up the price  This is the only other one I think hits it (besides a  Today’s market justifies the reserve on this one though IMO

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now   18 years old.  Better Off Paying Somebody.   Instead of trying to do it yourself.  Just the first thing that came to mind  We talked it up on Sherpa the other day.  Probably cost the new buyer a few thousand   You certainly are going to remember this one. 14 years old    The kind of names that are doing real well right now   Same here.   The follow up drink to Tres Commas   It’s one of my sayings.  Screw thinking outside the box.  Lose the box and start fresh.  Nice marketing name  In case you forgot to get into it before.  Closing today.   I’ll say 48,500.  Anyone want to guess a price.  How about just guess over or under




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