DS + AD : Book of 10…Toolchest.com, Dowo.com, NY4.com, 48E.com

Jul 17 2014

  Here is this weeks 10 names up for sale or at auction.  Actually this week everything is at auction which makes it easy.  Market determines final price.



Toolchest.com : (auction) Professional mechanics use ToolChests.  Most garages require that their mechanics own their own toolchest and tools.  Companies like MAACO come every week to see if the mechanics can use a new any new tool with the ultimate sale being a new chest. Homeowners use toolboxes.  If you do a Google search for ToolChests you’ll see that there are a lot of ads and they start at $800. But this name can be used for so much more than selling toolchest. It’s the perfect brand for online tools of any kind. 

Dowo.com (auction)  Ends Today and getting close to reserve.  Should be cheaper than Tolo.com which recently sold for $42K

48E.com  (auction) Ends today. NNL.com are some of the most liquid domains in domain investing. Short domains are in high demand with any CCC.com getting bids in domain auctions.  

FlyToVegas.com  (auction) Ends today. Type in “Fly to Vegas” in Google and you’ll see the page littered with ads on every side.  It lets you know that there is a lot of affiliate money available to be made with this name.  Reserve under $1000

 NY4.com   (auction)  LLN.coms continue to be some of the most consistent domains over the years and look to continue with the Chinese taking a liking to them

StartupGeeks.com  (auction)  Good name for someone looking to start a site about startups.  4 year old domain.  $25 opening bid with low reserve

RollingMachines.com (auction)  Rolling Machines aren’t just for the people trying to save money on cigarettes.  Rolling machines have seen a big surge in popularity with the recent legalization of marijuana across North America.  Ride the wave on this exact match domains. 

 PushReelMower.com (auction) Over 500,000 results for push reel mowers and the page is loaded with ads on the top and the side.  With organic and green continuing to gain in popularity so has the push reel mower.   And they actually cut the grass better than a mower with an engine. Low reserve and the kind of name you can build out and flip on the website side of Flippa.com.   11 years old.  No bidders. Low reserve

Mockingjay.com  (auction) No bidders on the name of the two biggest movies in the world over the next two years. Gets 30 plus visitors a day and growing

Arb.info   (auction) Thousands of organization have the acronym ARB.  Could also stand for arbitrage or the very popular plant arborvitae.Top dot info domains have risen substantially in value over the last 12 months.  This is a top dot info. 11 years old.  Low Reserve

3DPrintersAndScanners.com  (auction) Nothing hotter than 3D printing right now.  $25 opening bid for this exact match domain. Someone was ahead of their time because this was registered back in 2008

 JZJZ.com  I got 99 problems but buying this domain ain’t one

GetFish.com  GoFish.com sold for $50,000 and I’d rather get something than try something.  Good brand for the price IMO

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  1. Doron

    Sent someone who’s in big on short brandables to the Dowo auction and i’m pretty sure he’s one of the current bidders! Good luck everyone! Some nice domains here and hopefully some nice deals for both buyers and sellers!

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