Domain Spotlight: Domain Shane’s List of Domains at Auction for Sunday the 29th

One of things I’ve started to get good at is combining the marketing ability of the web with the realities of a brick and mortar store.  How you use social media and mailing lists with a purchase that requires the customer to get in the car and come out is very different than an online purchase.  Especially when you add in adverse weather and distance.  On Friday alone, half our customers came out because of our newsletter.  And they let us know.  I write the newsletter just like I do this daily list. Consistently and humor based.  I am told every day that our newsletter is the one newsletter that they look forward to each week.   Add in Facebook posts of fresh new product mixed with a few special prices and we developed a consistency that keeps customers watching out for our communications.  This weekend proved its working as it added roughly $2K of extra sales .  Even better is they told us at the counter why they came out so we could measure it.  Its a nice feeling to figure out something.  Because I know pretty soon things will change and I’ll have to figure it out all over.  Here are today’s domains. Click for current prices.
.  Great acronym letters for the Western market.  And the Chinese are buying these. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.  But not paying quite as much as the names that appeal to their market
.  16 years old.  33 million Google results because its a last name
.  I normally don’t do hyphens but at 20 years old and great keywords I actually like it
.  I like the name Pam.  My mother is a Pam  The over under on these types are about $300.  I’ve been
.  Not sure why its this high.  Just proves I don’t know everything about domains
.  No bidders for this mighty awesome domain
.  Great and you know what that means.  $3K plus
.  Another nice one.  Another $3K.   I am still a buyer of 5Ns even though they are pricey
.  The numerics starting with zero have never been my favorite.  But even a “bad” can be four figures
.  Acronym for Real Quick Field Goal.  I guess you could try and sell it as a CHiP
.  The most 5N.coms as I’ve seen for sale at Godaddy in weeks
.  The double S is the reason for the higher price I’m told it means “computer software” in Chinese.  I just know its a Chip and a name that starts with DN
.  I have always liked the double vowel but they are down in price over the past 4 months.  And I’m cool with that
.  I’m slowly starting to buy into this thing.  If its like any of my past experiences as soon as I’ve decided to take part they are too expensive
.  I like the 8 to cost ration here
The other 6N.coms I like 926683, 985622, 978553, 936265, 971262, 926175, 973628, 976625
. Ironically the letters I wouldn’t feel comfortable owning are the ones that are doing the best.  I need to learn Mandarin.
.  Mid six figures and climbing.  Please buy it through the list.  I could use the commission to get some very very nice Christmas gifts.
.   See if you can guess the price.  I bet you’re not even close………………….told ya
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.  Love the sellers gumption.  Puts it out at no reserve and lets the market determine the price
.  Same here.  And again, great Western acronym letters. Hope the seller does well just because he put the names up at no reserve
.  Very nice ChiP.   Y is a top letter and the repeating Y has this one in the high $2K or more
.  Met reserve and gets 222 visits a month
.  Not sure why this one is double the price of the others
. The safest investment of the group in my opinion
.  I eat them at least once a week.  A good brand on its own
.  It’s not red potatoes but its pretty nice. Just kidding, HUGE name for a huge city
.  I’ve learned that pretty much anything foodie related is going to sell well.
.   Wurd up
. One of them smart people words.  I think it means part of a doctor nation…but I could be wrong
.  Another great  Namejet has so many good names these last few months

.  NLL. Double letters in a sell well. Within the last two months, sold for $2,210 at Sedo, sold for $2,400 at Flippa, and for $5,020 at NameJet.
.  No bidders.  Upgrade name for a few organizations
.  The bidders are probably looking at the Brazilian weather site.  I assume it gets some traffic
.   Pretty sure would have a bid.  No bidders
.  Everyone is going to think Kia
.   Have to give it to .xyz, they are having some great action in the aftermarket of their domains
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