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Evidently Some People Think Dot CC Domains Have Value: Godaddy Auction Results

Godaddy had a long list of premium keyword dot cc domains go to auction today and the results were mixed but there were some that reached a solid price. I am a dot com guy but I am also a profit guy. As long as I see value and the ability to make money with the tld I am in. I see value in CC if purchased at the right price. I have always felt there is value in the ending being very easy to type and the fact that new tlds being introduced will reduce the stigma of it being a bad ending because there will be so many bad endings. I actually purchased two names from the group myself. I’ll say what they are when they are in my account. Here are a few of the domains that I followed and their final prices. Unfortunately I didn’t follow all the .cc auctions. $75 $116 $130 $1,615 $1,210 $255 $406 $507 $1,010 $27

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9 Replies to “Evidently Some People Think Dot CC Domains Have Value: Godaddy Auction Results”

  1. for $116 is ok ’cause if they bought the .com it would probably cost at least $800. a penny saved is a penny earned.

  2. I have held on to some of my .cc`s Just got a big $100 offer for culture dot cc
    Easiest extension to type, easy to say, easy to remember.
    I keep them with my idn`s. 🙂

  3. The trumpeted ‘sale’ of for one million dollars led me (unfortunately), and probably many others, to buy one or more of these .cc domains, and although it was a dozen years ago I still kick myself for being so easily swayed. They got a short-term registration boost but IMO damaged their image in the long-term as a result of the claimed $1M sale.

  4. The only .cc I’ve ever bought is on a hand reg. Thought it was a good keyword as no other available TLD and Scooters are also sold on their engine size ‘cc’.

  5. Im doubting these sales, sorry but a little to hard to believe. If you go to namejet names like these are dropping all the time with no bids. Now all of a sudden people are buying them? The only .cc names that seem to be worth anything are the, and combos.

    1. Corey,

      You are greatly mistaken if you think these aren’t real sales. Not saying that all of a sudden dot cc domains are gold but the facts are the facts. Some keywords are fetching solid prices

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