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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 6th

Ahhh voting day here in the US.  Anyone want to get in an early guess as to the winner?  Either way it doesn’t matter because the House and the Senate don’t get shit done anyway.  That’s as much politics as I can take.  Let’s get back to domains.  Here are today’s.  Godaddy doesn’t have anything to offer so it’s mostly a Namejet day I’ve always wanted to have a website or app that will let you “check in” to a location and it will show ratings of their restroom (and you can rate). This is the perfect name  The L-L continue to have value. 17 years old.  This one already has 83 bidders Don’t like the letters all that much but love the age.  1995 domain A fairly popular Korean name and guess it could be a typo for Seoul.  A LOT of bidders  No bidders. Not particularly valuable but a nice play on words that would make a nice blog or TV show name  Type of that always gets a good price.  Usually in the $750 or more if there are two bidders that really want it  I think the J and F might have scared some people but the AA gives it value.  Only two bidders  Same reason here. I like that end in A for association  No bidders.  9 Year old domain   Look up ANYTHING.  Wow  Might do the best of all the LLLL.coms going off today


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Domain Spotlight:

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