Domain Spotlight:

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Reserve Met and Will Sell – Flexible, short, keyword domain, particularly for food/cooking. 15,000 searches/month. – Bidding in the mid-$xxx right now, but this domain would have been in the thousands a couple years back for a lead gen site. According to Estibot, over 60,000 searches per month, with a whopping $23 CPC. – Impressive 75,000 searches per month. – Tough one to build out…..I’m not sure if parolees want to identify as this term after they’re out of the slammer. – Product domains sure have taken a hit…..bidding is at $6 as I type this. Not alot of search volume, but a few ads come up.

A few domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

Reserve Not Met – There is definitely value here with its $2+ CPC, but based on search volume, the more popular phrase is ‘golf lessons’ (12,000 monthly searches) and not ‘golf school’ (1,600 searches). – Someone is looking for a quick flip, as this domain just sold for a big loss at Sedo. – We used to buy some ‘rebuilt’ tires for the farm. Search volume of 33,000 per month. BIN of $250k is dreaming. – Decent name, but I’m not embarassed to say I struggle spelling this word. – With the presidential election in the news, we’ve been hearing more about this profession.

Domain Spotlight: