Flippa – A Look Forward: JUP.com and Toronto.tv Hit Reserve, NWH.com, LLLL.com Portfolio, More

Dec 28 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

JUP.com – Great to see this pronounceable LLL.com hit reserve. This sold for $23,500 at Sedo in October of this year, and the owner is sitting on a tidy little profit based on current bidding.

PAM.com – Love the domain; interesting that bidding is currently below the NWH.com listed below…an indication of the China craze.

Toronto.tv – From an outsider, it appears the .tv extension has picked up a bit.

Four LLLL.com Domain Portfolio – All with V’s or vowels.

Some LLLL.com Domains, in my opinion of their order of current value:

  1. QPCS.com
  2. CUUZ.com
  3. ZHOO.com
  4. DWVI.com
  5. XRIQ.com
  6. YJAB.com
  7. YFAZ.com
  8. URKD.com

Reserve Not Met

NWH.com – Bidding still below the current market value of LLL.com domains with China-friendly letters.

23 Domain LLLL.com Portfolio – BRPJ.com, SPKT.com and many more. Only 1 bid, but it was for $40k.

RSQX.com – If you’re only looking for one LLLL.com.

PPDF.com – This one with repeating P’s and letters friendly to the east and west.

DOPY.com – An LLLL.com that is pronounceable, though it doesn’t pass the radio test.

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