Flippa – A Look Forward: Movie.info, Movies.biz, Puddles.com, AllentownRealEstate.com

Jun 29 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sell

moviesMovie.info – up to $8,700 on 103 bids. Has moved up from the bidding of $3,250 a week ago. Just for fun…..I checked NameBio, and Movie.mobi sold for $20,500 and Movie.pro sold for $22,000. Both back in 2007. Yes, I realize that’s an apples/oranges comparison.

Borough.com – $3,049

Blunt.ly – $400 – For the .ly fans out there.

Movies.biz – $325 – I personally don’t like .biz, but it will interesting to see what it sells for. Again for fun……the .co.nz sold for $15,000 in 2010, and the .mobi sold for $82,000 in 2007.

Flipping.info – $300 – The .net sold for $376 last year at NameJet.

OilRigger.com – $130 – More and more of these people in the US due to the increase in oil & gas production…..and annual pay is often at/approaching 6-figures.

Draws.info – $85

GreatestGoals.com – $1 – In honor of the World Cup.

Reserve Not Met

TNP.com – Minimum bid of $100,000. Might be worth that to an end user….but they buy when they’re ready, and not typically when the domain owner wants/needs to sell. I checked the last 6-figure LLL.com sales at NameBio: Gab.com, DJI.com, NYE.com, BRA.com, and AFW.com.

Puddles.com – $3,000 – Upgrade name for many existing sites, or a new brand waiting to happen.

Dinners.net – $1,000 is the current bid, and the BIN is $3k.

BPB.net – Bidding at $450, and a BIN of $1,199

GEM.org and 175 other names – $300 – The majority of the value is in GEM.org, but there are a few other saleable names, such as four other LLL.org.

SeedHouse.com – $100 – Sell garden seeds, or a brandable name for seed funding for startups?

Weak.net – $80 – Estibot pegs it at $9,600.

POWs.org – $20

AllentownRealEstate.com – No Bids. Regardless of the length, real estate names have been selling…….a couple smart domainers previously teamed up to buy another long real estate domain……..PennsylvaniaRealEstate.com. Allentown happens to be in PA (I’m not implying the values are similar) and has a population near 120,000.

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