Flippa – A Look Forward: REP.com, Begs.com, Joined.com, Creates.com, More

Sep 20 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Jaymee.com – Over 1,500 people in the US with this name, per this site.

Inbox.info – 550,000 searches per month, per the listing. Inbox.ly sold recently for $4,000.

Ba.gs – If you’re into hacks

Some LLLL.com domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

Reserve Not Met

REP.com – The asking price is aggressive, but it’s a great domain.

Begs.com – Bidding has crossed into the 5-figures; BIN of $75k.

OOJ.org – BIN of $1,000 for this liquid name.

Smaller.com – Second time around….bidding got up to $7k the first time around, but the seller is looking for the 5-figures.

Creates.com – The ‘s’ at the end really drops the value, but the domain is worth more than the $xxx bidding it’s at right now.

Joined.com – As I said last week for Rusted.com, I haven’t historically loved “-ed” domains, but I’ve seen more of them developed lately, like Unleashed.com and Rested.com.

23N.com – These NNL domains have maintained most of their value while LLLL and LLL have dropped in price.

VRNetwork.com – Anything VR seems to sell these days.

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