Flippa – A Look Forward: RHK.com, TopReview.com, Internally.com, SOI.org Hit Reserve.

Jul 27 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sell

rhkRHK.com – $9,500 – LLL.com domains are on fire, and I expect the price to move up based on the most recent LLL sales per NameBio, including HCK.com at $20,000 (two of the same three letters, for whatever that’s worth), MRQ.com at $12,100, SDH.com at $18,600 and IFK.com at $10,600.

TopReview.com – $1,800 – I’d rather have the plural, but I’m surprised at the high prices when I look at a couple review comps in the last 12 months: InsuranceReview.com at $4,500, TechNewsReview.com at $2,276, DatingReview.com at $8,200, MachineryReview.com at $1,695.

Internally.com – $1,050 – An “ly” domain without having to rely on Libya.

SOI.org – $105 – Seller says it’s a PR5.

Reserve Not Met

Investing.info – $25,350 – BIN of $40k. The .com sold for $2.45 million in 2012, making the current bid just over 1.0% what the .com sold for.

Physical.com – $20,000 – Per the owner, Eric Borgos, “I am hoping to get at least $40,000 for the domain. I paid $42,500 on Sedo.com for it back in May of 2011.”

ToolChest.com – $1,100 – Expensive product, and lots of search volume.

Ga.gs – $1,100 – If you’re into hacks.

Mockingjay.com – $50 – Popular book being turned into a movie, which is expected to be similarly popular.

That.com – No bids, minimum bid of $19,000.

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