Flippa – A Look Forward: TRL.net, LRC.net Hit Reserve. Sandy.com, Divider.com, QOF.COM, Goliath.com, More

Feb 22 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

TRL.net – Nice letters. The .com is utiltrlized by the Touchstone Research Library, so the .net is the next best alternative.

LRC.net – Nice letters again…..it shares two of the same letters as above. The corresponding .com doesn’t resolve.

D.et – ET = Ethiopia, D = lots of things.

Rankz.com – Not my kind of name, but that doesn’t mean they don’t sell well. Following upon the recent success of Bagz.com, which sold for $14,999.

Offerz.com – Same theme as above.

Reserve Not Met

Insectides.com and Herbicides.com – Huge industries. Crop production wouldn’t be the same without them.

Divider.com – Rick Schwartz previously sold RoomDividers.com for $75k.

Sandy.com – I love first and last name domains. Susan.com sold at NamesCon for $34k. Heritage Auctions sold Donna.com last week, and originally had an asking price of $30k.

Goliath.com – It’s not just David/Goliath….bunches of companies have ‘goliath’ in their name.

Phones.net – Monster keyword on a .net. Bidding under $10k. 90k searches per month, with a CPC over $4, per Estibot.

Automating.com – Efficiency through automation is big business.

SeniorCare.com – Although it’s apples/oranges, HomeCare.com sold for $350k at NamesCon.

BlowDryer.com – Product domains don’t have the same appeal they used to, but people are still searching for them…..over 6,000 searches/month per Estibot

QOF.com – In my opinion, bidding is very near the reseller market value, but hasn’t met reserve yet.

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