Flippa – A Look Forward: VitaminOutlet.com, Wildly.com, Racing.info Hit Reserve. LOV.com, Scold.com

Mar 01 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Racing.info – The .com sold for an estimated “at least half a million dollars”. The .info is currently at 0.03% of that price.

VitaminOutlet.com – Othvitamin outleter two-word vitamin domains that have sold include VitaminWarehouse.com for $5,900 and VitaminCenter.com for $35,000. Real bricks & mortar business use this name, and the price of the domain is currently less than the sign on the front of their store.

Wildly.com – One word .com domains sell, regardless of the ending….whether -ly, -ed, -ing, etc.

Abductee.com – I’m not sure what I’d do with the domain, so I’ll steal from the seller, “Alien Abduction Niche for Potential for Out-of-This-World Profits!”

IncomeTax.io – Techy domains have been selling well in the .io extension, but I’m not sure about this business/tax category.

Fins.net – Says the seller, “opportunity to develop a huge business for the sea food, tropical pet fish, scuba diving or even the dolphin touring industry”.

Shower.net – Tons of search volume. Even though it’s a .net, I’m surprised this is only at a couple hundred bucks.

Reserve Not Met

Scold.com – A bit of a negative connotation, but still a 5 letter dictionary .com.

LOV.com – Sold for $160k a couple years ago at NameJet, and bidding is less than 1/4 of that now.

MardiGras.net – The 20 year old domain isn’t getting alot of love. 250k searches per month, per Estibot.

FlatTire.com – Popular phrase, but I’m guessing it’d be tough to monetize.

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  1. Thomas

    Good to know about the one word .com domains that end in -ly, since I happen to have a decent one. If I were to come by Abductee.com–due to some unforeseen, albeit good fortune–I do a t-shirt business, maybe a skateboard brand.

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