Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic is Revolutionary Not Because of App But Because You Are In Control

Oct 12 2012

Frank Schilling introduced the new Internet Traffic App this past week to the attendees of the TRAFFIC conference and it received glowing reviews.  Although I think it’s a wonderful tool,  it’s not the reason that Internet Traffic changed my world. The change came because IT put my domains back in my hands.

Yes the domains have always been mine but if I wanted to sell them I had to pay.   Not only were the parking companies taking a piece of the parking but they also were receiving 15-20% of the sale of my domains.  All for the simply being the escrow.  I knew it wasn’t right but there was nothing I could do about it.  I could put up a landing page and let them make an offer but I wouldn’t make any parking money from it.  Then comes Internet Traffic.  Not only do they pay for parking but they build a back end to manage my inquiries, both past and present, but they let me create templates to test out my negotiations and the wording that yield the best results.  It’s everything I wish I could have done and more.

I no longer have to list at Godaddy or Sedo.  If they want to make an offer on my domain they simply have to type it in and can make an offer.  It is then completely in my hands.  I can choose to hand it a broker and pay for the negotiation, or keep it and do it myself.  If I had it at Sedo I have to negotiate myself AND pay the fee.  In my opinion the only advantage Sedo or Godaddy may have is they offer impulse purchases.  You can pay to have you domain come up when they search.  But I’ve always felt if they really want a domain they will find the owner.  There are not a lot of $5K purchases out of the blue.  They have predetermined which name they want and contact the owner.   My job is to make sure to keep up good communication with the potential buyer and IT does an incredible job of opening up the lines and giving me tools to analyze the buyer.

So thank you Internet Traffic.  Thank you Frank Schilling. You have changed my business.  You have added thousands of dollars of profit to my bottom line.  The new app is beautiful icing to the already wonderful cake. For those of you that think this is a paid ad you are partially correct. I’m certainly getting paid from the Domain Names Sales platform, but they did not pay me to write this.

And a shot out to Adam Strong who came up with the “Buddy check” part of the app that lets you get opinions of friends about pricing.



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  1. John

    Would you say that inquiries that occur on the platform are a direct result of a type in and/or someone seeking you out? From what I have read the platform does a great job of organizing and managing, but does it do anything in terms of getting one’s name to appear higher up on natural organic search results or other things that could create an interest other than a type in etc.? Thanks

  2. Michael

    Just got accepted, finally. Lots of hard work to get to this point. F’in stoked! Seriously…. Cant wait to be a part of this community and want to thank John and Franks team for the onboard.

    Frank does it again! Success is a formula really and this man may be the Einstein of the Domain world. I mean that. He’s always ahead of other and delivers above the fold.

    Can we get an android app? I’m not an iphone/ipad user, never have been and want to take full advantage of this via mobile.

  3. Joe

    Shane, it’s not a revolution. A company like DomainApps (formerly known as WhyPark) has been doing this for years. You can fully customize your domains to make them look more like minisites and you can setup a “buy this domain” (this text is customizable as well) link on the homepage so that people can contact you directly. Also, you’ll never be asked for fees but you’ll get a payout when your parking revenue reaches a certain threshold.

  4. Michael

    Does WhyPark have all the backend power and sales functionality that IT has? Also, how much parking rev is WP keeping from clicks? I’d also be interested to compare clients parking revenue reports on both. Do 3-6 months WP and 3-6 months IT and hash it out. Test, test, test again (I believe thats MR Shwartz MO), the data never lies and always leads the way for improvement, which theres ALWAYS room for.
    This is not a knock on WhyPark, they’ve been innovative from the start. Personally, before all this, I’ve parked with Sedo, Voodoo and Domain Power. Sedo wasn’t too great, pennies falling from the sky and their SedoPro minimums for an account are a litttttle high for MOST domainers. Nothing wrong with a hig bar though. Voodoo and DomainPower were great. Voodoo especially for certain types of domains.
    I’m looking forward to sharing my first few months experience with IT and presenting the facts of what has changed for me, hopefully. I have a good feeling.

  5. Joe


    I’m not an IT customer so I can’t compare the two platforms. But I can tell you WP offers a lot of apps that really make domains more than 1-page landers (take a look at 2 of my names: and to see what I mean). You can also add external traffic tracking services like StatCounter and, if you get an advanced account, you can even have access to HTML and CSS.

  6. Michael

    Very nice actually. Much better than the norm, cookie cutter 1 page landers that simply dont attract clicks. Again, WP is innovative from what I’ve seen and they have a solid team of professionals working there. I’ve personally never tried them. The app functionality is cool and content managaement seems easy. The advanced account also sounds appealing.

  7. Joe


    I’m not sure what you mean, but I have never had problem with them, either with the support team (Kelly’s just very nice) or the administration of my domains as it’s very easy to manage and customize them.

  8. Michael

    I think Shane was just pointing out that the backends just dont measure up. The support at Enom is nice, but $39.95 renewal fee? Great support only goes so far, and I know that this isnt a WP/IT debate and I dont mean to turn it into one. Its usually a matter of price and performance, in my experience. WP is certainly one of the better places you can park, no doubt.

  9. Morgan

    Great post Shane and totally agreed. I’ve been using IT and DNS for a few months now and have been very impressed. The new app really is the icing on the cake, very slick and huge thanks to Adam for suggesting the Friends feature, that is one of my favorites!

  10. @Domains

    I just got in yesterday and already have domains approved in the system. Looking forward to seeing the results, the member’s area looks nice and has quite a few features I haven’t seen at other parking companies.


    Hey Shane,
    You’ve had some interesting posts on Frank’s new platform. It’s fantastic he’s opened it up to all “domainers”. Am hoping you keep us updated how it’s going for you there, and of course any tips/advice you can offer.

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