Friday and This Weekend’s Daily Dropping Domain and Auction Picks: Have a little

May 20 2011

I threw in a couple names for the weekend.  I’d like to think I was looking ahead but in reality I forgot to click Friday’s domains from “all” over at Dropday and I was too lazy to redo the list.  Think of it as an early weekend list.  Enjoy the names. I kinda like this name.  I actually like a Cherry Limeade better as a drink but would rather have orangejuice as a domain “The Master”, “the teacher” in Spanish. 16 year old domain.  I used to call myself this in High School basketball.  Of course I couldn’t hit a shot and had the leaping ability of Bill Corzine but the name stuck. Proves repetition is key. Evite…meet your new competitor 1998 domain with 18K searches.Come to think of it.  I don’t own one of these and now I feel like I should. Nobody agrees with me but for $69 you get a dot com name that nobody will forget. No bidders so this will be a good deal.  You’re only one “b” away from being robbed. Husum Airport in Germany’s code.  But then again your probably already knew that. I’m going to take this one.  Everyone please remove your bids I bought for my fortieth birthday.  I’ll get this one a little later.  You can have it now.  No bidders CVCV Not especially valuable but 1993 registration.

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  1. Obama

    Man…… is a total winner. Talk about cornering a market with one purchase.

  2. Gnanes

    I added the to see my list as well. I want to see how much it sells for.

    Correction: Bufo should be Buvo.

  3. Andy

    Man I wish I could afford O.J, I would pitch it to Tropicana after I bought it and explain the value of owning such a luxurious domain

    p.s : first post, love your blog shane!

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