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Looks Like the Early Loser From the Transition is Oversee

Since the announcement of Frank Schillings new monetization platform, there has been some large portfolio movement over to the new DNS.  Obviously the names were parked somewhere before the move so inevitably there were going to be some parking companies losing tens of thousands of domain, their traffic, and their money.

Using you get to see on a daily basis what domains are moving into the new program.  After taking a look at the 6440 domains moving in yesterday I drew a few conclusions from the data

1. is the nameserver that 6131 of the 6440 names came from.  That’s Oversee.  While this may be the parking company choice for this one portfolio, this is the second day of huge movement away from DomainSponsor.  I imagine this is going to be a HUGE hit to parking revenues to many of the parking companies.

2. Amongst all the nice names moving to InternetTraffic, there are thousands of normal to junk names.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to own these 6000 names, is not exactly a category killer.  For some reason people have this misconception that all Frank Schilling’s names are fantastic name.  Frank owns a lot of junk too.  But he makes 7 million a year parking them so evidently there are a few good names in there as well.

3. This list of 6000 wasn’t as bad as the last few days,  but when IT (Internet Traffic) said they are looking for quality type-in traffic that mostly means typo.  A TON of typo names moving over, many of which are trademarked.

4. I don’t see as much porn as I expected.  I’m sure some will be moving over.  Until I started checking out daily changes I didn’t realize how many porn and adult names some of the larger domain investors owned.  Nothing wrong with it, traffic is traffic,  but it is weird reading Berkens and seeing moving into his portfolio. And I will be joining that facebook group.

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7 Replies to “Looks Like the Early Loser From the Transition is Oversee”

  1. I’ve never seen junk like in Frank’s ownership one time even.

    Maybe I am wrong, but I have never seen it.

  2. They’ll soon outsource their parking to Frank. They already outsourced their Customer Service and Domain Backorder Brokerage. On the backorder page on SnapNames, you’ll see an affiliate link to Afternic.

  3. It looks like parking companies didn’t like Frank’s idea…

  4. Frank owns a lot of names, names worse than When you own 200,000 names there is a lot of junk.

  5. I would expect some players like sedopro ramping out % payouts, have some friends who transferred a few thousand over today from sedo, will see how their payouts go, as I have 5k waiting to move as well.

  6. @RH ……. show me one worse, then. I’ve never seen it in over 10 years of looking at his domains. 🙂

    I think you are wrong.

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