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Mar 09 2012

You know those days when everything is going shitty and then you break a tooth? Yeah, well I had one of those days. With metal prices so high I have a problem with people stealing stuff for scrap at our nursery. Its pretty easy to find because the scrap yard is 5 miles away and they make you show ID and issue the check to that ID. I merely have to go right down to the yard, identify the pieces, look at the camera and file a report. It’s just a waste of my time. Today it cost me even more. I guess I was pissed and was biting my nails and the results, my damn tooth chipped off. I certainly don’t get by on my looks but I can’t afford to get uglier. I had to call in a favor and had it fixed in an hour. Anyone else break a tooth on the way to checking to see if their stolen broken heater parts were at the scrap yard? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Here are today’s names. Normally not interested in NLN.coms but this one is certainly easy to remember and type. Under $100 is a steal IMO  I think this goes cheap.  Few bidders for a Ever is a long time Sounds like a nice place to take the kids Oh what the hell.  No bidders.  I was going to take it but I’ll never do anything with it.  Valuates at $5800 Great group of letters with “I” being good for “International” or “Institute” 14 years old  Easy to say and spell just not to monetize Really surprised to see this 13 year old domain selling for so little. Good tech name or even a builder who does wheelchair entries.  $2600 Valuate value Sounds like the newest Cooking Channel show. 12 years old Certainly not a generic but a popular baseball term and the 420 guys probably would like it as well. 12 years old. I think a few people would be looking for this. Valuate backs me up with this. 1,000 searches with a CPC of $5  I’ve never heard of but I head it gets a ton of traffic showing girls in states of undress.  I’m not a porn typo guy meaning I usually type it in correctly


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  1. Clay Burt

    Sorry to hear about your equipment and your tooth. Lots of people are stealing copper from A/C units around here – even from churches and schools… sad.

    I suggest they have an extra “charge” (110v wired to it…) – that way no money changes hands and they get what they deserve… except you probably get sued.

  2. rj

    You have the right to defend your property. Shoot at sight…be kind and aim for the big toe

  3. John $893 64 bids $900 37 bids comes up in 23 days? $263 30 bids isn’t resolving unless it has gone off already. a 98 reg $235 20 $150 19 bids $812 62 bids

    There’s a reason why they say Don’t Mess with Texas. But, I’m not condoning actions like that. You handled it well.
    On the tooth, I have blown out 3 back molars all needing crowns and root canals from grinding. Finally got wise and listened to my dentist and got a mouth guard while sleeping …

  4. John $205 7 bids $1405 59 bids 2010 reg
    Looks like at was a China site. Someone know what is was?

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