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Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-18-12

Congrats to Morgan for signing on another client.  I had an idea something was brewing at DomainFest and then I had another idea when someone told me that they were going to be working together.  Nice to see it announced.  I enjoy seeing two good people working together towards trying to reach goals. Speaking of goals, my goal was to sell $25K worth of names this month and I came up a bit shy but only because I am not going to close a few sales until June.  A record month and still plenty of time left.  Again, I’m buying NNNN.coms if you have any for sale.  Now here are today’s names. One of the biggest grossing movie series of all times is going for cheap. Its missing the S but huge market with two more movies coming. The LLLL.coms continue to gain in price. This one is fetching a nice price but I think its still flippable even at this price

GameBoat.comGreat deal for a 9 year old name with two easy to spell words  Much better than GoToMeeting  I feel like I already buy from this website  Only 2 bidders  These types of names used to be all the rage.  Now, still can go for $500 to $1000  Cool looking .  Not sure if cool looking makes it worth more though  N for network is my second favorite to A for association  Great Flash game site name   No bidders for this 12 year old name  Good name to flip

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3 Replies to “Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-18-12”

  1. Sounds like you found yourself a nice niche in the domain industry
    One day perhaps you will share if you’re selling to contacts you have made throughout the years or another method

  2. *

    HungerGame = a big fat UDRP

    Unless the winner is associated with the movie, you KNOW how this domain will be used.

    Good luck, kiddies.


  3. Hi Shane,

    interestingly may is my worst month this year.i wonder where you have sold those through?Sedo?

    i made a change in my selling strategy and deleted all my names in all those platforms.Only use a landing page with my mail but guess it did not work or only a coincidince.

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