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Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 3-30-12

$500 million dollars.  That’s what somebody could win in the Mega Millions tonight.  That would change things a little bit around the Cultra household.   Would I still be writing this blog if I won?  Sure would, I would just be doing it from a much nicer house in much nicer weather.  The Godaddy Auctions are much improved as are all the names today.  I’m going to go ahead and start spending some of that $500 million.  I’m THAT sure I’m going to win. Here are today’s names.


Dour.comAlready at $1000 and climbing. Decent name but already past my expectations.  As a triathlete I know the giant aftermarket for high end bikes. Get this domain for less than one of those bikes. 11 years old and only $12. I would think a debt keyword would cost more.  Great looking domain.  Terrible acronym but cool.

UrlShortener.comNo doubt what the website would be good for here.  Probably not real valuable BUT 12 years old and for $69 it is worth having as a funny email   forum.bodybuilding is one of the biggest forums in the world. Three characters, 4 bids, $850

HighOnline.comOne of the more memorable pot domains I’ve come across and I think $30 is a great deal despite being only a year old  Here’s your retirement.  Move to an island and open a storage unit.  Privately I’ve been saying that dot info is undervalued except I guess now that isn’t private any more.


Special thanks to DropDay and for making this list possible. Don’t get lost in the crowd. If you have a name up for auction and would like to feature it here on the list.  Drop me a line.

Domain Spotlight:

4 Replies to “Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 3-30-12”

  1. You know, over the last six months inventory at all places is getting worse.

    I’ve noticed cycles of good and bad inventory going through the drop houses, but this cycle has been pretty long.

    Most of the crap that would have gone for under $100 a year or two ago are now being snapped up for $300 to $1000.

    I’m thinking it’s time to pull back some on the throttle and wait for the next crash to pick up good domains cheaply again.

    There are still good deals, but just less in the drops and expired game now.

  2. @Mike

    You’re right. Most domainers are overpaying for poor inventory at drop auctions.

    Look at last week’s GreatDomains auction. Names that would’ve fetched $1000 on drop auctions were sold for less than $200 there. for $32,000? That would’ve hit six figures at NameJet!

    You have to be very, very selective if you are to succeed at drop auctions anymore. The inventory quality continues to drop, but the number of domainers fighting for it is still the same = more competition.

  3. Hi ShaneCultra!

    I picked up from your site last week. Paid $2K for it @Namejet (too much ??? you think ?)

    By the way, come and check it out what I’ve built on this name: – It is a Guitarist’s Reference tool

    Your feedback is welcome.

    Thanks again

  4. I already have a ticket so forget about it…

    I will be buying some domains once I win… however, I’ll be looking for domainer pricing

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