Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 3-29-12

Mar 29 2012

The Godaddy Auctionsare pretty weak today. There are a few decent names but not much to write home about. NameJet is a little better. And poor Snap, they’ve really been suffering lately. Heres’s what I found today.

ubuddy.comI’m surprised how high this one’s gotten  Big name, lots of bidders.  You hear me say it a lot.  Even though its a dot net, this is one of those special names.  THE movie ticket organization.  I don’t condone squatting but denying that a ton of domainers are actively searching for these would be naive.  Of course I’m pointing this out for the owners of ThemeForest  Barry has a pretty good one here.  Bring you wallet and credit cards  One of the best LLLL.coms on the board  Please don’t make another aggregator   I shouldn’t even put this name up because I want it but I want to test the value of this daily post and see how many people like it as well.  No bidders at press time.  I like it because I love beer.  I hardly ever drink it because I am always working but if I was an alcoholic, this would be my drink of choice.  Another nice “non 4” numeric at  Trends and ranking are the trend.  Now you can have both

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