Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-3-12 Bitch Please!

Aug 03 2012

It never ceases to amaze me what popular terms are selling for in today’s market. is already at $5K. Wonder if it will really go through. On another note, closed on that today and just amazing how quick a domain transaction can go if two sides want to get it done. My sponsor above gets the credit. We got the deal done in under 24 hours from starting the transaction to wiring to transfer of domain. So if somebody tells you they are in a hurry tell them you can get the deal done in 24 hours even using escrow. I’ve now made mid XX,XXX in profits this year flipping domains which is a new record for me. It’s given me the money to keep up the buying of the short names so again, if you have or for sale at a reasonable price let me know. Also looking for If you are looking for enduser pricing though, keep reading and enjoy the names below because that is all I can offer. Going to make a hell of an email Two word domains like this are doing better and better each month that would serve well as an acronym  14 year old domain that would be great to promote….yeah weekly specials.  I guess I really didn’t need to point that out  Not as good as but not that far off  Sounds like a pretty domain to me.  Nobody agrees with me though, no bidders Good domain for only $12 Another name I thought was easily worth $12  This is actually a type of guitar but it would also make a good app name.  No bidders I know a lot of guys that should own this one. Still at $12  I might play along with this auction  This one is even better but ends early this morning One of those names you would see on an infomercial. And only $12 but wait……. More of a collectible than a usable acronym but they still seem to do well


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  1. John

    “…I’ve now made mid XX,XXX in profits this year flipping domains which is a new record for me…”
    How many names or cost do you have in renewals yearly?
    How many do you end up dropping/let expire worthless?
    The XX,XXX is all profit after taking out any drops (like an expired option)?
    Thanks for transparency & continued success.

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