Saturday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-4-12

Aug 04 2012

Have a nice little 15 mile run this morning.  A 10 hour day at work and then off to the beach. Problem is, beach is over a thousand miles a way so I’ll be flying.  I’m hoping the first two things allow me to sleep through the last.  DomainShane will be live from Laguna Beach this week if anyone wants to try and meet up.  And don’t try and rob me.  I have a 6’5″ guy watching my house and he’s been ordered not to feed my 140 lb Great Dane.  Here are today’s names.  Short cute name.  Will do well. Not just Steam but Super Steam. 13 years old and only one bidder. Oh Yeah! It’s got organic in it. Anything organic is better. Just ask any vegetarian, they’ll tell you ALL about it I am always surprised how much the bedding domains go for but my friends say the sites do very well. Especially the sites with unusual stuff. Honestly, for $12, I’d rather have this one  Everything is going to have some type of chip in it.  Eventually there will be something called a D Chip and they’ll need your domain.  No bidders.  Maybe they don’t want to wait.  1996 birthday High paying keywords.  Won’t be cheap  Maybe its because I use it quite a bit that I like it. Guarantee lots of people do as well. Even a dot net its worth a little bit I almost spit my drink out when I saw this one. It’s a term my friends and I use when guys go after real old ladies. Could be a great website. No bidders Being bid up because it is a popular last name. Good for an email sale  NNNN.coms are gold  Was $200 two years ago.  Now $1000  I like it because its funny  And yes exercise is spelled correctly.  People always buy the wrong spelling.  And I support this domain Not a real valuable domain but people would certainly remember it and know what the purpose of the site. For $12, worth a shot  Now THIS is a nice for selling subdomains.  No bidders  If you believe that Google doesn’t mind the hash then this is a steal.  No bidders  Who wouldn’t want to boost their cash?  Means artisan …..I think..  There are a lot of bidders, that’s all I know


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