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Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction

Before I get to the names. Breaking News: I read the short story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and realize that it is the same thing as most of the breaking news stories.  You get my attention the first time but after I realize it’s not really breaking news, I no longer believe you when you use the headline again.  But here’s the good news.  Actually I don’t have any, not very many good names today.  Still worth a look.  Enjoy the day Hard to imagine something like this gets dropped but it did. Now have at it Some see it as a geo but in reality it’s a typo of Avis This is where you could set up a site to go get d songs. Very popular Asian name. 137,000 searches for these things.  I didn’t realize there were so many male figure skaters I entered this a few times over the winter.  Right now I’m in the tired zone. Damn somebody really like Android.  It’s already at $1500

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7 Replies to “Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction”

  1. Android is also a registered trademark of Google Inc., so not only is it up to $1,500 it could also become an easy way to throw away money if Google comes after the domain.

    1. Jamie,

      Actually George Lucas owns the tm and Google pays him for it. Regardless, Lucas is even worse about suing so I agree, someone will lose that name

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I just hear it on the radio all the time and never checked the TM directly.

    I hope NameJet gets sued as well, as they are the ones profiting when the auction completes.

    1. Jamie,
      I’m sure you don’t mean that. Namejet provides a lot of liquidity in our market. Laws are laws and we should all stand by them but I know from experience if someone CAN sue they WILL sue. I don’t wish ill will on anyone.

  3. I do mean that Shane! They could easily prevent it, but they do not. They are not “forced” to auction these names, as they could simply let them drop, but profit gets in the way of them doing it. The domain business needs to clean up and it starts with the domain auction services who are selling TONS of TM domains and getting away with it daily.

    Then the “customers” are the ones getting UDRP’s filed against them and NJ is out of the clear laughing all the way to the bank.

    NJ isn’t alone as it happens on SnapNames, Pool, GoDaddy and more.

    I constantly tell people to stay away from TM domains. Many other domainers tell others to stay away from TM domains, yet some of the largest companies in our industry continue to do the opposite and auction them off and profit from the sales of them daily.

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